Construction Drawings Specifications And Contracts

Specifications, contracts, and construction drawings are an integral part of what is referred to as the contract documents. These documents form a guide for the various workers and suppliers to follow in constructing the project. The construction drawings show the location, size, and particulars of a structure to be built. The specifications set the standards of the workmanship and materials in writing. The drawings and specifications complement one another and are used together. For example, the drawings show the color and location of paint to be applied to a wall surface, but do not tell how it is to be applied (sprayed, rolled, or brushed) and the resulting quality of workmanship required. In this case, the subsurface must first be prepared to receive the paint, adjacent areas need to be protected from the painting, the minimum skills of the painter must be specified, and the cleanup needed must be called out. These particulars are all detailed in written specifications for the painting, and similar instructions are prepared for all the other work to be carried out on the project.

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