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Floor plans are generally not used to designate specific materials, as finishes might be too small to show in plan and their selections might be changed later. The amount of material information provided on a floor plan depends on the size and complexity of the proposed construction. The plans for a small residential project may contain more detailed information, such as the finished floor materials, because the design may be simpler and very few materials used, as illustrated in Figure 6-38.

The few materials that might be designated on the floor plan are the walls, which can be pouched to indicate wood or other wall material designations such as block, brick, or concrete. Floor and wall finish materials are better indicated on the finish plans. See Chapter 11 for further information on drafting finish plans.

Numerals are placed above and centered on the dimension line, being drafted at a height of V^3/« inch (3.17-4.76 mm). The numbers do not rest on the dimension line, as they might blend in with the line and become unreadable. In computerized drafting, the machine often is programmed to automatically place the numbers centered in the broken dimension line, rather than above it. Dimensions are oriented to read from the base or right side of a drawing. When an area is too small for the dimension to go in the usual place, the numbers are placed outside (or sometimes below) the extension line and a leader is used to point to the dimensioned area (Figure 6-37).

The preferred area for dimensioning all items on a floor plan is outside the walls where possible, as this tends to keep the interior of the floor plan uncluttered. However, it is difficult to accurately dimension most projects without having some dimension lines within the floor plan. This is especially true of interior projects.

Dimension Lines Floor Plan

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