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The floor plan tends to be one of the largest single drawings in a construction set and often is placed on a sheet by itself. However, if space permits, other minor elements might be drawn around it to fill up the sheet. The sheet size a floor plan is drawn on is often the governing factor of the scale of that drawing. Floor plans are drawn at a scale that best presents the information to be conveyed without being too small to read. Residential floor plans are relatively small in overall square footage and are generally drawn at a scale of W = 1'-0" (1:50 in metric scale). As commercial spaces can be quite large, a scale of 1/8" =1'-0" (1:100 metric) or even 1/i6" = 1'-0" (1:200 metric) might be more appropriate. In these latter examples, auxiliary enlarged plans can be drawn and keyed to the base floor plan, as shown in Figure 6-8. One should always indicate the scale of the floor plan on the sheet, generally under the title.

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