Industrial Furniture and Decor Ideas for Your Home

The industrial style is something that is still quite an unusual set-up in our homes. Inspired by the warehouses and factory setting, this home-style presents the sturdiness and laid-back character of its owner. Decorations and exposed architectural structures like weathered wood and iron reinforcements that are available in  furniture stores colorado springs  enhance to the strong touches in the making, giving your space an industrialized touch. The  american home furniture colorado listed ways how to incorporate this design to any area in your home.

Color Palette Selection

An industrial design is usually composed of aged, battered, and worn tones and these shades can be useful to your home. Monochromatic with organic or earthy accents can uplift to your home design. Moreover, metal-based colors like steel and iron and oxidation reds and blues can bring an industrial ambiance as well. To further enhance these, you can balance these strong color palettes by softening it with whites and natural wood accents.

Industrial Style Elements

  • Metal

The main element in any industrial style, galvanized, corrugated, and even rustic metals are good options whether for any purpose or just a part of design.

  • Wood

The presence of wood creates balance as it softens the intense features of the metal. Wood options tin industrial style can be either refined or rough. 

  • Bricks

Unlike other home styles, industrial types aren't the ones suitable for just painted walls. Bricks are another distinct feature in this design, bring more strong features in your space may it be stained or concrete.

  • Leather

Another thing that can balance the dominative aura of industrial design is the presence of leather. Settled between a strong and soft feature, leather provides a sophisticated and classy look that can be another counterpart of industrial design.

Industrial Accents

  • Rivets

From being an essential industrial tool for ages, rivets are now design options in creating an industrial look in your home.

  • Mechanics

Things like gears, bolts and nuts create industrial features in your space. Its mechanical details can make industrialized home more fascinating to look at.

  • Wires

Wires are always present in our homes, but for industrial purposes it will be for aesthetic reasons. Things like cage lights and wire baskets can be put as finishing touches for your industrialized home style. Also, cage pendant lights are suggested to be put in areas where light bulbs need more protection.

  • Reclaimed Wood

These repurposed structures can still bring better perspective to your industrialized design. Things like coffee and buffet tables can be produced from these already used woods. Repurposed wires are also recommended to use as well.

Living Room Industrial Ideas

Industrial living room design should create a cool and open aura, since this is where people regularly meet and mingle. Open ceiling, exposed bricks and visible pipes may be imperfect to look but this can best represent your openness.

  • Casters, especially stripped down metal casters
  • Oversized wall arts
  • Exposed air ducts and pipes
  • Club chairs

Kitchen and Dining Room Industrial Ideas

Commercialized kitchens that are filled with floating shelves, bar and large island are the best inspiration to achieve the industrial look in your home kitchens. With plenty of lights and seats, your kitchen will have a calm and collected ambiance.

  • Floating shelves
  • Kitchen bar
  • Pendant lights
  • Metal seats

Bedroom Industrial Ideas

In an industrialized design, bedrooms are more minimalistic yet the charismatic area of your home. Utilizing the existing materials can creates a relaxing atmosphere that you surely need after a tiring day. 

  • Edison bulbs
  • Bedroom desks
  • Minimal beddings
  • Rugs

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