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In this ground-breaking program you'll learn the subtleties of conversation to pinpoint the specific problems that are ruining your chances with women. You'll learn how to draw people out to talk about more interesting topics in a more natural way instead dragging it out of them. And the mindset tricks so that you can Always be in the zone with women whenever you're talking to them. What's unique about this course is that its based on examples and application and is filled with hundred of little bite size game changers that you'll be able to see an immediate impact on your conversations tonight. Read more here...

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Conversation with David Adjaye

The conversation that follows attempts to enlarge the lens through which Adjaye's architecture, as well as his role as a practitioner today, may be assessed. It does not disregard the partial truth in critic Deyan Sudjic's claim that Adjaye's architecture sprang out of 1990s London,5 but it takes into account this architect's itinerant life from early childhood to the present, examining it in light of the cosmopolitan ethics that many find essential in the contemporary globalized world.6 Viewed in this way, Adjaye's architecture is one that encapsulates itineraries rather than origins, becomings rather than essences most importantly, it can be seen as a model that turns our attention to the perception of architecture as a part of a broader system of flows affecting architects and the constituents of their work alike. David Adjaye's work challenges the conventional way of looking at architecture that focuses on the narrow duration of architectural production and stops at the moment a...

Unresolved and unclear

My intention is to start a conversation with whoever is reading this as if we were mutually critical friends. Because of that I have tried to write in a conversational style. I know many academics will find this irritating. Yet I have a reader in mind who is probably responsible for some field of city-making, someone who is somewhat ground down by the difficulties of getting things done, who has high-flown ideals, who wants to be active yet feels they should stand back and contemplate, but who does not want to engage with a weighty tome. I have tried to switch between the evocative, the conceptual, the anecdotal and the exemplary and I hope this rhythm works. This is not a step-by-step guide. It is an exploration that proposes we think of cities in enriched ways and in which I try to highlight things I think are important yet hidden.

Research and research buildings the example of Life Sciences

The offices of the five directors are glazed and directly attached to the laboratories of their units to facilitate spontaneous conversations. The same principle of openness applies to the administrative offices on the ground floor. If scientists need a space for concentrated work they have access to individual writing cells in the library.

Section 3 Global MobiLiTiES

Conditions of mobility and exchange, which are the effect of broader processes of globalized production and communication rather than outcomes of disciplinary change, are addressed in the third section of the book, with a prologue by Ken Tadashi Oshima and two conversations between Jilly Traganou and architects whose practices are characteristic of this condition Hiromi Hosoya and Markus Schaefer, principals of Hosoya Schaefer, a transnational Zurich-based practice with strong professional ties in Europe and Japan, and David Adjaye, principal of Adjaye Associates, a practice based in London with several overseas projects and recently also offices in New York and Berlin. Issues of architectural networking in a transnational world and a newly interconnected Europe in search of a common identity are discussed in the conversation with Hosoya and Schaefer. In addition to the discursive changes on what constitutes architectural 'community', in the last decades, we witness an immense growth...

Organized crime and the rule of fear

Think of Belfast, where a number of the 'freedom fighters' on both sides of the religious divide - Catholic and Protestant - now hold whole communities to ransom as they slide into drug dealing, racketeering and violence under the guise of protecting their communities. Think too of the apartheid on the ground that still continues in spite of efforts towards peace. Like a poison, it leaches into the daily fabric of life. For instance, in the Ardoyne district of Belfast, four out of every five Protestant residents will not use the nearest shops because they are located in Catholic streets, and a similar proportion of Catholics will not swim in their nearest swimming pool, which is located in a Protestant street. Most 18-year-olds in Ardoyne have never in their life had a meaningful conversation, about, say, sport or family, with anybody of their own age across the 'peace line' and religious divide.64 The connection between segregation and deprivation is startling. Virtually all the most...

The Limits of the Postmodern Turn to the Local

In seeking to displace the reliance of social theory on grand narratives of macro-social development, such as those of Harvey and Castells, some social theorists embracing the label postmodern have turned to what Foucault (1977) has termed the essentially local character of criticism. In my view, despite their rhetorical gestures in the direction of the desirability of grounded fieldwork, some proponents of this turn to the local have posited an equally grand theory of local knowledge which privileges the ethnographic conversation as the only reliable route to personal knowledge, and personal knowledge as the only reliable measure of the partial truths about the workings of the world. This is the case, for instance, when postmodern anthropologist Stephen Tyler (1987 171) asserts, with totalistic rhetorical flourish, that discourse is the maker of this world, not its mirror. In these respects, Tyler romanticized the process of intersubjective dialogue. The penetrating ethnographic...

Applying the collaborative approach to individual bridges Minnesota examples

Bridge 3355, built in 1921 and widened in 1939 with stone-masonry treatment, is a small reinforced-concrete slab bridge that required more dialogue between historian and engineer (Figure 5 5) 24 The conversation focused on how to improve the load capacity to keep the bridge in service on the trunk highway system, while meeting SOIS . The bridge was designed to carry H10 loading and, when load rated analytically, was found to have deficient capacity The inventory load rating was HS12 and the operating rating was HS18 (based on a physical inspection rating) While currently functioning as originally intended, discussion indicated that continuing vehicular use on-site was not a recommended preservation option that would be satisfactory for the 20-year life of the management plan The bridge would begin to deteriorate as truck loads continued to increase

Important Factors in Affective Robotics Design 31 Robots and Social Psychology

In another set of experiments, the ATR Intelligent Robotics and Communications Lab took ROBOVIE to elementary schools for extended periods of interaction with students in the classroom (Kanda et al., 2004 Kanda and Ishiguro, 2005). The robot was able to interact with students in a modest way engaging with them in about seventy behaviors, including simple games, telling them secrets, giving hugs and kisses to them, and making other friendly gestures. Takayuki Kanda and Hiroshi Ishiguro have been able to design the robot to engage in simple conversations, it can speak some three hundred sentences and understand about fifty words (Kanda and Ishiguro, 2005). This design has proven to be engaging enough to interest some children in interacting with the robot for extended periods of time. In one experiment the robot was programmed gradually to give out more secret' information about itself depending on the amount of time the student spent with the robot and this, along with the robots...

The Surgical Pavilion

The main lobby, with 18-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, comfortable groupings of seating, and large original art of gardens in the area is a blend of all of the floral elements (see photo 3.23 in color insert). Two large-screen televisions are available, one in the main waiting area and one in the children's area. There are also quiet areas for reading or conversation. Visitors can even go outside to wait for their loved one in the garden area just off the main lobby.

Deficiencies of Parks and Playgrounds and Design Considerations

A park could also encourage community social interaction among diverse socioeconomic groups through the provision of urban design features or social bridges (Lusk 2002). Social bridges are characterized as assist, connect, observe, in absentia, or information. In an assist social bridge, someone helps someone else, as when a bicyclist steps aside while a novice in-line skater maneuvers a narrow bridge. A connect social bridge is based on Whyte's triangulation in which a third party or element can trigger conversation between two people, including strangers (Whyte 1980). The shared nostalgic environment of a porch, railings, and rocking chairs can foster a conversation between strangers who might not otherwise converse (figure 1). An observe social bridge occurs when a kindness is witnessed and humanity is affirmed, as in witnessing an adult helping a child learn to ride a bicycle. In absentia social bridges exist when the contribution of an absent party, perhaps the designer of the...

Stretching boundaries

'Urbanism' uses an even broader canvas. It is the discipline which helps understand the dynamics, resources and potential of the city in a richer way. And urban literacy, developed by learning about urbanism, is the ability and skill to 'read' the city and understand how cities work. Urbanism, it is argued, can become the meta-urban discipline and urban literacy a linked generic and overarching skill. A full understanding of urbanism only occurs by looking at the city from different perspectives. By reconfiguring and tying together a number of disciplines, penetrative insights, perceptions and ways of interpreting an understanding of urban life emerge. By seeing the city through diverse eyes, potential and hidden possibilities, from business ideas to improving the mundane, are revealed. Traditionally, however, the conversation on urbanism has been led by architects and urban designers. Urbanism provides the raw materials for creating urban strategies and decision-making. It requires a...

Features of the call centre

'Good morning (afternoon evening) Mr (Mrs Miss Ms) Bloggs (Joe Jo), Chris speaking, how can I help you ' This is the start of a conversation, a potential relationship in the making. What follows is aimed at identifying and satisfying a customer need. In the first few words the customer is to be put at ease, confident in the knowledge that they and their problem are being taken care of. This is facilitated in a number of ways.

Nuances of Change Order Requests

Sometimes a contractor does not agree with a change order request he has submitted to the owner on behalf of his subcontractors. An architect can almost sense it in the passionless defense the contractor mounts to challenges, and the time in which he responds to requests for additional information. These are probably instances in which a contractor is passing on to the owner a change order request from one of his subs or suppliers that he does not necessarily feel is valid, but agreed to submit nonetheless. Like so many other business relationships, this is a path of least resistance in assuaging a disgruntled sub by at least asking for additional compensation on his behalf. The conversation between contractor and

From An Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste 1805

In choosing a situation for a house of this kind, which is to be a principal feature in a place, more consideration ought to be had of the views towards it, than of those fromwards it for, consistently with comfort, which ought to be the first object in every dwelling, it very rarely happens that a perfect composition of landscape scenery can be obtained from a door or window nor does it appear to me particularly desirable that it should be for few persons ever look for such compositions, or pay much attention to them, while within doors. It is in walks or rides through parks, gardens, or pleasure grounds, that they are attended to and examined, and become subjects of conversation wherefore the seats, or places of rest, with which such walks and rides are accommodated, are the points of sight, to which the compositions of the scenery ought to be principally adapted. To them, picturesque foregrounds may always be made or preserved, without any loss of comfort or violation of...

Time Saver Standards for Urban Design2113

At that time Vasari was with Michelangelo sic every day and one morning the Pope in his kindness gave them both leave that they might visit the Seven Churches on horseback (for it was HolyYear), and receive the Pardon in company. Whereupon, while going from one church to another, they bad many useful and beautiful conversations on art and every industry.

Design and Values Infrastructures

The connection between our values infrastructures and what we do is a strong one, though at times not acknowledged, as counterfeit naturalism suggests. What is valuable to you plays a significant role in what you consider worth doing, how you like to see it done, with whom you choose to associate, what goals you think are worth striving for, etc. (for a similar treatment, see Schein, 2004 orig. 1985 ). What we find valuable shapes what we do. (By definition, if values did not influence how we act, it would be odd to call them values.) That is, the design of a community's artifacts both embodies and affords the expression of the values to be found in its values infrastructure. (Getting a sense of an individual's or group's values infrastructure can be tricky. I have found that if you ask people what their ethics or values are, they are often uncomfortable. However, if you ask what is valuable to them about their job or the spaces in which they live and work or their associations with...

Types Of Activity That Could Be Encouraged

Carr et al. (1992) spell out in more detail the range of activities with which different people engage and these might be usefully categorised in the same terms as those used by Gehl (see Figure 9.5). Using these ideas it becomes possible to widen our concern in street design beyond thinking about the efficient comings and goings of vehicles and pedestrians whilst also aspiring to accommodate a wider range of optional and resulting social activities. This in turn might encourage engineers to be interested in not only data relating to how many vehicles are passing through a place per hour, but also how many pedestrians and cyclists pass by in an hour the time spent playing sitting on a bench or even measurements of the incidence of conversations observed in the street

D3 Classrooms Conference Rooms

In addition to classrooms and conference rooms this listening environment includes city council chambers, hotel and motel seminar rooms, and a variety of other small meeting areas where attendees sit in chairs, at desks, or around tables and interact with speakers, small presentation groups, and each other. Thus these rooms must be equally comfortable for lecturing and personal conversation. Although they may rarely need sound amplification, electronic hookups for Power Point presentations, teleconferencing networks, and other electronic systems are frequently required.

Speech Privacy In Closed Offices

In a closed office the assessment of privacy is expressed in terms of STC values between adjoining spaces. Closed offices have the advantage of providing privacy throughout the enclosed space for a standing or seated occupant. The disadvantage is that the normal background level is lower, even when masking is included, and conversations may take place at raised voice levels even when confidential matters are being discussed. Specialized areas such as psychologists' offices, spaces used for conflict resolution, rooms with audio visual systems, lecture rooms, and classrooms, are all likely to have a need for extra isolation and should be identified as part of the initial planning process.

David Marks and Julia Barfield Marks Barfield Architects Written by Dominique Poole

The architecture of David Marks and Julia Barfield evokes a strong relationship between architecture and engineering derived from a fascination with structure. This philosophy forms a common thread that informs all the projects they undertake. An example can be seen in their competition entry for a Bridge of the Future to span the Grand Canyon. The brief stipulated that the bridge should be linked with nature and this led Marks and Barfield to consider how nature would inform the design of a bridge and to investigate the biggest bridge that nature had ever designed. They sought inspiration for the solution in the spine of a dinosaur, leading to an investigation of how the spine functioned and accommodated the forces of compression and tension. The resulting Y-shaped component is similar to the bone of a herring fish. Engineer Jane Wernick was involved in the design from the early stages and, although she was working in Los Angeles at the time, she managed to maintain communication via...

Kathleen Feagin Architect

Interior, an emotion further fuelled by what we witnessed in the kitchen. There, seated on the floor next to a gigantic American refrigerator that dispensed ice cubes from its door were two women in shawls (i.e., in chador) bent over and plucking feathers from several dead chickens. They were lost in conversation and oblivious to our presence as they cut up the birds' bloody flesh in the centre of the floor. The contrast between the suburban American nature of the kitchen and the activities of the old women, which might have just as easily taken place in the dirt outside a tent, could not have been starker. Six months later, when Mary and I fled Iran after revolutionary zealots torched the school where we taught, the image of those women - and the dentist's wife -remained vivid in our memories of Shiraz, as the city experienced the Islamic Revolution. Swept in the vortex of the Iranian Revolution, we were witnesses to a critical political shift that would reach into the early...

An Interview with Giorgio Grassi

Hostel Building Plans Shaped

In January 2007, Lucia Tozzi visited Giorgio Grassi's office in Milan. Their conversation touched on Grassi's recent work on Leon Battista Alberti, which is examined here in the context of Grassi's obliquely expressed views on contemporary architecture and the cult of personality. As perhaps the most intellectually rigorous and formally consistent Rationalist architect of his generation, Grassi's work and thinking retain a hermetic aspect, but one notable for its philosophical self-questioning and underlying political commitment.

History of the New Chronology

One has to add the following report that A. T. Fomenko received orally from one of the partakers of the conversation that is to be described below. A while ago, Professor M. M. Postnikov had submitted an article with an overview of N. A. Morozov's chronological research in a journal titled Uspekhi Matemati-cheskih Nauk (The Successes of Mathematical Sciences). The following dispute among members of the journal's editing board, among them Academicians P. S. Alexandrov and A. N. Kolmogorov, ensued. A. N. Kolmogorov refused so much as to touch the article, saying something along the lines of This article is to be rejected. I spent enough time and effort fighting Morozov in the days of yore . However, he had added the following And yet we shall all look perfectly idiotic if it turns out that Morozov had been right . The article was rejected. This conversation sheds some light on the events of the days when N. A. Morozov's research was practically vetoed. Today we are being convinced that...

Consequences and outcomes expand on results Identify successes and failures review with NHS Estates Leeds

In telephone conversations with the department, it has become apparent that NHS Estates believes that it is on the horns of a dilemma on the questions of quality. In the commentary referred to above, the section on design principles consists of a series of statements which could be interpreted as good intentions, for example This apparent reluctance to benchmark quality standards, admitted in 'off the record' conversations is also illustrated by the publication Better by Design (NHS Estates, 1994). In the forward, written by Tom Sackville, parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Health at the time, and responsible for commissioning the document which was written by Mike Nightingale he says

Room for Viewing Light and Shadows of Life

Seiichi Shirai Architect Interiors

Doctor Sasao's private garden is an integral part of this room, and an extension of the interior. While he often relaxes here in solitude, he occasionally invites his friends for conversation over some sake. In order to delight his guests as well as for his own pleasure, he arranges cut flowers from his garden in his favorite vase. This vase and the other items in the room were bought in antique shops or during his travels, and are aptly suited to his traditional room. Although he used to be very fond of going to Japanese inns he has lost interest in them now, for nowhere does he feel more comfortable than in this very special room of his own

Question how do you evaluate user satisfaction

Partner Health Care Arcadia Floor Plan

'Alistair don't do that, pick them up' - partly overhead conversation. Small talk - not feeling well. General chit-chat about winter bugs - moved closer together to engage in more conversation. Mother reading to son in other sub-waiting area. Conversation in hushed tones. would some background music have helped to provide 'white noise' - overheard conversation about teaching schools staff problems - again, thinking of body language - similarities to friends meeting in a hotel lounge. 09.17 Now two women at reception - aural privacy could be a problem - can overhear some conversation. Engages in conversation with two reception staff I arrived at the surgery intending to find appropriate moments to engage in conversation with some of the patients. However, in the event, there never seemed to be the right moment to naturally engage in conversation. Had I done so, the advantages of observing as if 'a fly on the wall' would have been lost and the exercise would have been changed into a...

Chapter Seven Creative Cities for the World

From SubTemplate1 .aspx ID 165&MID 115. See showthread.php referrerid 39159&t 339039. Personal conversation with Sir Peter Hall, 1999. Private conversations with city representatives of the Urbact culture network, May 2006. Conversation with Alfonso Martinez Cearra, director of Metropoli-30. Alfonso Cearra, director of Metropoli-30, in conversation (2005). Alfonso Cearra in conversation (2005).

Sn0hetta In The Middle East

Spacex Mars Plan

The cultural differences witnessed during the development of Sn0hetta's projects in Saudi Arabia have been outnumbered by the intellectual similarities experienced through meetings and discussions. Based on conversations relating to the generic human conditions of action and perception, levels of understanding have become solid and real. While trying to incorporate the best ideas of our Western democracies into a locally based evolution of wider knowledge, tolerance and cultural awareness, Sn0hetta believes that architecture is one of the many important tools necessary to create a better future. This hypothesis relies on the brain as the essential creator of possible futures. The so-called 'mirror neurons' in the human brain are in charge of the influence of action on perception and vice versa. They control our ability to imitate, a prerequisite for learning and developing skills. Repetitive action leads to specific perception, and changes in repetitive action lead to changed...

Case study 4 Maggie Centre Edinburgh cancer support centre

Maggie Edinburgh Plan

Corridors are eliminated, and it is important that on entering each building there are no dark corners and it is easy to see and understand the whole layout. As well as a small seating area with a fire, there is a prominent kitchen table, and plenty of spaces where it is possible to sit on the periphery but not feel excluded, so that patients can take their time deciding what activities or conversations they wish to participate in.

Factory as Laboratory or Laboratory as Factory

The company then moved, with greater success, into the manufacture of lifts and escalators, always remaining on John Hall's original Dartford site of 1785. As a child living in the East Anglian countryside in the 1950s, the mysterious doings of J. & E. Hall were a continual topic of conversation at home both my maternal grandfather and his brother-in-law, my great-uncle, were marine engineers and were employed by the company for all of their working lives, my grandfather steering the company through the Depression years. In the 1970s the flourishing business rebuilt its factory and merged with an aluminium company, as a result being renamed APV Hall Products Ltd.

The Origin of the Dwelling House

The men of old were born like the wild beasts, in woods, caves, and groves, and lived on savage fare. As time went on, the thickly crowded trees in a certain place, tossed by storms and winds, and rubbing their branches against one another, caught fire, and so the inhabitants of the place were put to flight, being terrified by the furious flame. After it subsided, they drew near, and observing that they were very comfortable standing before the warm fire, they put on logs and, while thus keeping it alive, brought up other people to it, showing them by signs how much comfort they got from it. In that gathering of men, at a time when utterance of sound was purely individual, from daily habits they fixed upon articulate words just as these had happened to come then, from indicating by name things in common use, the result was that in this chance way they began to talk, and thus originated conversation with one another.

From The Hunchback of Notre Dame 1832

An avid onlooker to the rebellious proceedings at the French Academy in Rome was the Romantic novelist Victor Hugo. The writer had long opposed the vestiges of classicism in France and he, like many of his generation, was an enthusiast for Gothic architecture. The outlet for his beliefs was his novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, which he started in 1828. After some delays and under a tight deadline, Hugo submitted the novel to the publisher in mid-January 1831, but with some missing chapters. The question of why they were not included, or when or whether they were actually written, will perhaps never be answered, but it seems clear that in the fall or early winter of 1830 Hugo sought out Labrouste, who had just returned triumphantly from Rome, for his comments on chapters relating to architecture. The most important of these, ''Ceci tuera cela'' (This will kill that), first appeared in the revised edition of the book in 1832. The chapter is an excursus on a medieval conversation...

The Nine Rules for a Good Charrette

Design Charrette Examples

Imagine this moment A 4 x 6 foot base map of a large site sits ready on the table. The base map is a 1 1,000 scale orthographic aerial photo of the 500-acre site. Participants are gathered around the big map, chatting, possibly having just come from a site tour. Finally, someone takes a 4-foot-wide roll of tracing paper and carefully rolls it over the map. I have witnessed this many times. Conversation slows, or even stops. Everyone realizes, perhaps for the first time, that the paper is blank both literally and figuratively blank. The blank sheet expresses both possibility and challenge. Staring at it begins the process of galvanizing the team. No one individual at that moment feels adequate to the task. Even we, the organizers who have done this many times feel inadequate at this moment. But the organizers have one advantage over the rest we have seen this process work every time. Somehow the blank sheet gets filled, through some strange human alchemy, with a shared vision. Leading...

Conference Rooms And Multimedia

These phones typically provide full-duplex audio, which means that a natural, multiparty conversation can occur (as opposed to half-duplex audio on a standard phone, which often clips one party's conversation). Data conferencing allows computer users to share text, images, and data in real time.

Working And Dwelling

Nothing Can Seprate Love Grave

Yet there were no difficulties in gaining planning permission for 9 10 Stock Orchard Street, nor in insurance or mortgage cover. So why is this kind of architecture not taken up more widely Wigglesworth thinks that in the bureaucracies of health and social housing which might be obvious clients, few are prepared or encouraged to take risks. Within its profession, architecture remains 'structured around a cult of novelty', and alternative architecture is identified as either conceptual or fit for rural situations (conversation, September 4th, 2002). Yet it is in cities that low-impact forms of high-density housing and hybrid spatial categories can produce sustainable forms of settlement.

The Ideology of Villa Life in Florentine Culture and Society

Roanaoke Island

A 1478 letter to Marsilio Ficino from Poliziano ends When you are incommoded with the heat of the season in your retreat at Careggi you will perhaps think the shelter of Fiesole not undeserving of your attention. Set between the sloping sides of the mountain, we have water in abundance and since we are constantly refreshed by moderate winds we are little inconvenienced by the burning sun. As you approach the house it appears embosomed in the wood but when you reach it you find it commands a full prospect of the city. Populous as the vicinity is, yet can I enjoy the solitude so gratifying to my disposition. But I shall tempt you with other enticements. Wandering beyond the limits of his own estate, Pico sometimes steals unexpectedly on my retirement and draws me from my shade to partake of supper with him. You well know the kind of supper that, sparing indeed but neat andfavoured by the charm of the conversation. But come and be my guest. Your supper shall be as good and your

Visual impairment and expertise

This collaboration, though, was not simply an exercise in accessibility but also in mutual benefit, in order to design a better product for everyone. Our visually impaired people were already expert users of nonvisual user interfaces, and their years of using screen readers and other technologies gave them invaluable insights that we may never have uncovered in short-term user testing. For example, they knew from experience how important it was to be able to change the rate of synthetic speech as novices they had needed speech at normal conversational rates, but as experts quickly found this excruciatingly slow and frustrating. Navigating a user interface is not the same as having a conversation, and experts will increase the speed to a rate that a novice finds unintelligible.

New society publishers

Throughout the text, I rely on published data, current through early 2007. Most of this information is available from sources such as the US and Canada Green Building Councils, from papers at green building conferences, from the Internet or from business or trade media. I have examined several public and proprietary surveys, and I have benefited from personal conversations with green building leaders to round out the roster of topics important to understanding green buildings, green products and green developments in the United States.

From Postscript to The Landscape second edition 1795

Repton, who has so gallantly stood forth the champion of the present system of rural decoration, I beg to assure him that whatever contempt I may have expressed in the course of my supplementary remarks to this Edition, of his professional principles and opinions, I most sincerely return the compliment, which he has been so obliging as to pay me in his Letter to Mr. Price and furthermore to inform him, that I had not only great pleasure in his conversation, but conceived from it a much higher idea of those professional principles and opinions, than I have found verified in his works. Since that time I have not had the pleasure of much of Mr. Repton's conversation but I have had the misfortune to see many of his performances designed and executed exactly after Mr. Brown's receipt, without any attention to the natural, or artificial character of the country, or the style of the place. In his Letter, too, to Mr. Price, he has avowedly become the patron and...

Office Communications Systems

Interior designers are often called upon to help update the finishes or reorganize the layout of an existing office. Within short order, it becomes obvious that the critical factor in deciding whether to rearrange the cubicles is not the aesthetic or functional issues, but the difficulty of wiring the multitude of workstations and peripheral equipment. Even the decision as to whether to replace the carpet may depend on how hard it is to move the cubicles and all their wiring out of the way. Discussions of planning options turn into arcane conversations about UTP cables. (If you don't yet know, that's untwisted shielded pair cables, and they're explained below.) The location of the service closets can end up driving the space plan's design. Here is an introduction to the world of office communications systems. Although new technology is always being developed, many existing facilities are making do with wiring technology from the past.

Education of Designers

Conversation that includes all of the liberal arts. This is, I think, what George Steiner means by saying (2001, 251-252), Architecture takes us to the border. It has perennially busied the philosophic imagination, from Plato to Valery and Heidegger. More insistently than any other realization of form, architecture modifies the human environment, edifying alternative and counter-worlds in relationships at once concordant with and opposed to nature.

National Landscape Architecture Month 2010

Across the country, ASLA and its chapter will celebrate National Landscape Architecture Month in April by engaging the public in conversations and activities that highlight the profession as a career choice, demonstrate what landscape architects do. and communicate the environmental benefits of sustainable landscape design.

From Letter to Washington Allston 1831

In the many conversations we had on Art when I was last in America though you expressed much pleasure at the efforts that were making in Architecture among us, yet I remember you fully agreed with me that broader principles of art and a more intelligent imitation were necessary to the formation of a pure and masculine style of building - This remembrance of your sympathy induces me to communicate to you a few thoughts of this art, as I have had opportunity to observe it, my impressions with regard to its present state among us and what it strikes me may be done to improve it - I will give you briefly my opinion of what I have seen and in suggesting any thing I beg to have it understood that I do it with my hat in my hand, - with a deep sense of the merit of those who have modelled our later buildings and a wish that it may be reciprocated by a frank expression of the views taken of my art of its capabilities among us and the hopes of its advancement.

Consequences of Explanation

In contrast to the conventional and critical renderings, the explanatory rendering pictured something more akin to an open-ended process than an artifact. Where Pelli and Hadid idealized the site context through stylized rendering techniques, Behnisch placed his building proposal in the messy context of a photograph. Where Pelli and Hadid sought to mobilize populist or elite tastes, Behnisch appealed to intelligence. And rather than seeking to close down conversation by satisfying aesthetic desires, the Behnisch illustrations sought to open up new conversations about topics unfamiliar to decision makers. These renderings are certainly concrete in the sense that they portray volumes of space and rather conventionally drawn floor plans, but for every element of certainty represented there are elements in the composition that ask decision makers to consider alternative possibilities or that explain unconventional technologies. In this sense the Behnisch renderings are challenging in a...

Unconventional Wisdom

To extrapolate a conversation about the power relations between architects and users, it is clear that the natural place of things relates to a wider order than that represented by mere geographical co-ordinates, and that Steve Wynn's assault on convention reflects both his own sense of ambition and that of the consumers who flock to The Mirage.

Current requirements 131 The spectator

The 'sports priority' spectator group is found in the stands and on the terraces for every game. For them 'live' sport at its highest level has an almost spiritual quality, an attitude aptly expressed in a statement once made by the great Liverpool football manager Bill Shankly 'Football is not a matter of life and death it is more important than that'. These fans are knowledgeable, respond instantly to every nuance of the action, offer advice to the players, and recognize the form, fitness and style of individual players and the effectiveness of strategies and tactics. Such issues form the basic topics of conversation before, during and after the game in the car, pub or train. The motivation and the behaviour of this The 'social priority' group is found in the clubhouse, dining rooms and private boxes, entertaining or being entertained. The game is 'interesting' but interrupts the personal or business conversations and only briefly becomes the topic of interest. At the end of a game...

Dealing With People Effective Communication

Pursuing his work is to record key discussions and decisions. If this seems excessively formal to some parties in the business relationship, so be it. Memories and recollections of events and conversations are notoriously weak. Even moments after a conversation to discuss a difficult issue, parties to the discussion may walk away with drastically different opinions as to how the situation was resolved. Attorneys call the process of recording events memorializing. Design professionals may simply call it taking notes, keeping minutes or logs, making reports, or writing memoranda. Whatever a professional chooses to call the continual and diligent act of recording on paper or electronically, it will be his best tool and defense in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

Consequences and outcomes identify benchmark minimum criteria seek to demonstrate inadequacy of this approach

If the inadequacy of these systems is acknowledged, what are the criteria that should be applied to the next wave of primary health care facilities We must move away from an appraisal of bricks and mortar and must look at patient requirements. We must establish different criteria that are not just based on a function of the process. We must look at issues in a more rounded and philosophical way - to consider what ethos is being sought and what do patients expect. The recent work of the Construction Industry Council (CIC) is exciting. They are seeking to develop new performance indicators for design. Their aim is to raise the standards of design, to increase 'delight' as well as functionality and consideration of whole life costs. 'They seek to engender a really articulate architectural conversation between client and design team'. The initiative is intended to introduce a 'common language' for each stage of schemes says Michael Dickson, current Chairman of CIC.

Philadelphia Green and Philadelphia Parks Alliance

The ability of good planning to build community support was demonstrated recently in Nashville where in 2002 Mayor Bill Purcell initiated a yearlong parks and greenways process, the first such citywide conversation in the one-hundred-year history of its parks. Upon completion, resident support had been so solidified that the city council enthusiastically funded a 35 million capital spending plan, the largest Nashville park appropriation ever.

Transporting into a past sensescape13

Mid-18th century, a central street like Oxford Street in London, Nevsky Prospect in St Petersburg or Via Condotti in Rome would be deafening. The clacking and clatter of horses' hooves and carriages were so loud you couldn't hear yourself think. It would be almost impossible to hold a conversation. For a while the stone cobbles in London were changed into wooden cobbles to dampen the sound and quieten things down. The side streets would be immeasurably calmer and, away from the city hub, it would be near silent bar the shout of a voice or a distant bell. You get a sense of the back streets of old when walking through Venice today. You hear footsteps and even dogs walking, which can be eerie. In Europe the sound of bells would be ever-present, telling the time every fifteen minutes to watchless citizens. Bells would also call the people to prayer. The bells of each church were slightly misaligned for identification purposes. There were only short breaks between chimes. In market areas,...

Chapter Five The Complicated and the Complex

This section was initially written for Future London, part of the London Development Agency. It is based on a survey of 38 leading professionals in the built environment sector. Thanks to Honor Chapman and Greg Clark for making this possible. See index. Based on conversations with Francois Matarasso. This list emerged based on discussions with Franco Bianchini. John Augustus Roebling (with his son, Washington) engineer builder of the Brooklyn Bridge Joseph Strauss the structural engineer who built the Golden Gate Bridge William le Barron Jenney structural engineer and the father of the modern skyscraper Fazlur Rahman Khan structural engineer and developer of the 'tube-framing' concept for skyscrapers which heralded the rebirth of tall buildings in the 1960s and 1970s. See Harris (1998).

Hollywood the Place and Icon

Gested by his wife Daieda, purportedly inspired through conversation with a woman passenger on a train bound for the East, who described her suburban Chicago summer home as Hollywood (Torrence 1979 25). Driven by the need for water, the development was annexed to the City of Los Angeles in 1910, which was then relatively water flush with arterial wells and in the process of building the Owens River Aqueduct. The association with the movie industry became regularized during the 1910s, as the emergent independent studios began to locate there, fleeing the court injunctions issued by Edison's Trust.

Demolition And Attraction

Answer is not useful anymore, but to use the industrial culture of the recent past as traces, that could be really important' (conversation, September 2001). For example, near Cottbus in the ex-GDR, where a village stops and the road disappears into a vast open-cast mine which consumed several of the houses before operations for brown coal extraction ceased, Prigann worked with a local construction team (providing work) to make a large earth ramp planted with broom - from which came the work's title, Gelbe Rampe (yellow ramp) - on top of which were placed several concrete slabs, as found, detritus from an industrial site. In a conversation (September, 2001), Prigann stated the key elements of his work material, place, use by people and work provided locally in construction (also a means of dialogue). Seen from afar the earthwork and slabs have a resonance of neolithic mounds and henges, though the combination is specifically modern. Sheltering from wind and rain behind the slabs,...

Whole connections and specialist parts

In arguing for integrated thinking and cross-cutting team work, a sustainable response to the challenge must be a cultural one arising from the heart of the professions' values and purpose, rather than an add-on approach which mimics a changed mindset. Integration is about mutual respect and the ability of the various team members to be full and equal members of a project. Integrated working implies allowing others to comment on or even rewrite the script or rules of a project. This does not displace the architect, engineer, planner or other professional it invites them to rethink how their gifts and experience can be opened to genuine partnership within an honest, reflexive conversation. It means working towards professional institutions whose interpretation of city-making is dynamic, aware of the tensions between perspectives within contemporary society and more instrumental as a result. It means forging new hybrid and evolving practices which secure our shared values and goals.17

Living Room

Primary conversation group chairs and sofa normally grouped around the fireplace 2. Secondary conversation group chairs and love seat at end of room or in corner If a wide sofa is placed directly opposite the fireplace, this group Is often spread. A 6-ft tolerance is usually considered the maximum because it is difficult to carry on a conversation over a greater distance.


Writing a book is never a lone endeavour. You learn from others, you pick up ideas, someone gives you a crisp turn of phrase that encapsulates a point well. Someone encourages you and gives you confidence. I have many people to thank Ed Beerbohm, who helped craft the text into a sharper form and did the research for the section 'The City as a Guzzling Beast' Gabrielle Boyle, for the conversations Jim Bage and then the many people I have worked with, especially Margie Caust and Richard Brecknock, who put my Adelaide Thinkers in Residence programme together and Mike Rann, the Premier of South Australia who appointed me as 'thinker'. The Adelaide period in 2003 gave me a real chance to think some things through and the chapter 'The City as a Living Work of Art' comes from that period. John Worthington of DEGW and chair of Building Futures gave me the opportunity to write Riding the Rapids Urban Life in an Age of Complexity, and the 'Unscrambling Complexity' sections benefited from that...

Secular humanism

I subscribe to a secular humanist position that privileges civic values, which in essence seek to foster competent, confident and engaged citizenship. Mine is an attitude or philosophy concerned with the capabilities, interests and achievements of human beings rather than the concepts and problems of science or theology. It does not decry the virtues of science or the sustenance religion or other belief systems give. It is simply that its focus is on how people live together. The world is best understood, I posit, by reasoning and conversation without reference to higher authorities. It claims life can be best lived by applying ethics which are an attempt to arrive at practical standards that provide principles to guide our common views and behaviour and to help resolve conflicts. It provides a frame within which difference can be lived and shared with mutual respect.


Still, from the site of the forum or agora below, it is possible to hear the distant echoes of conversations that occurred in that brief moment in time about life, meaning, purpose, and the possibility that humans could rise above sophistry and irrationality. If Stonehenge had to do with cosmology, the Parthenon symbolizes the possibility that humans may one day emerge

Charles E Little

One day in the deep, dark 1960s, Stanley Tankel, the estimable chief planner at the Regional Plan Association in New York, invited Holly Whyte and me to lunch at the Harvard Club. Holly was writing his landscape book at the time and expostulating about action, which was his favorite word. My role in this conversation, as the young executive director of the Open Space Action Committee, of which Stanley and Holly were board members, was to shut up and listen.

Benches And Tables

Our benches are a perfect solution to some inescapable obstacles allowing designers to use creative solutions when working within challenging surroundings. Configurations to stimulate conversation or retreats for private reflection, Sitecraft has your design. Try one of our new pedestal designs and add flair and style to any environment. Mix and match our different bench and table styles to create a cozy ambiance for a dining experience or a casual picnic. Add tables for two or for a crowd. Whether you are placing them alongside a restaurant or in a plaza, they're the centerpiece of Sitecraft quality.

Estimated Quantities

The solution Architects can use estimated quantities to define a part of the project that cannot otherwise be quantified. In the roof decking example, the architect could estimate that 600 square feet of decking would require replacement. In the construction documents, he would specify the type and quality of decking (presumably to match existing). The contractor would then be obligated to include this quantity of decking replacement in his base bid. He should have no problem in doing so, since he now has a defined scope on which to bid, and he is on a par with all the other bidders. How did the architect determine the amount of the estimated quantity He guessed. It was an educated guess, and may have had some basis in his examination of the existing roofing, prior experience with similar projects, and his conversations with roofers who had performed other work of this type. Still, it was an estimate created for the benefit of the owner to quantify an unknown item.


Allowances can be a useful tool in providing value in the bid documents for finish items that the owner has not yet selected, or for small items that have not been detailed or specified, yet the owner wishes to include. Examples of finish items include brick, tile, stone, or other bulk finishes that need to be included as part of the bid but have not yet been selected. In consultation with suppliers, the architect should try to set a reasonable allowance that covers a wide range of finish selections. The architect likely has some idea of the quality and colors the owner will be looking for, so a conversation with a supplier should give him a safe value to insert as an allowance.

Learning from Rome

This chapter explores relationships between travel and the conceptualization and production of architecture by presenting conversations with two prominent American architects, both Fellows of the American Academy in Rome (FAAR) Robert Venturi (b. 1925, FAAR 1956) and Tod Williams (b. 1943, FAAR 1983). The intent is to discuss specific projects through the perspective of Venturi and Williams's studies at the American Academy in Rome (AAR) and to suggest that both the act and process of traveling were critical in shaping the architects' thinking about design, as they internalized images 125 The hope is that through the following introspective conversations it may be possible 5

You Are Here

He says that during conversations about the project, Dattner stressed the importance of preserving the path as an entry procession. But there was a major obstacle to preserving it. A brick pyramid used for climbing abutted the path, and there was no safety surfacing to protect children who fell off. Either the pyramid would need to be pushed back or part of the path would need to be interrupted with some sort of safety surfacing.


Colleges and universities as learning organizations would amend their academic structure enough to overcome the kind of closure associated with highly impermeable discipline-centric departments. The big conversations about the human future necessarily occur across the lines of conventionally organized thought. But cross-disciplinary conversations are still rare because they are not much encouraged, and difficult because we now

Project analysis

The last factor is the need for defined spatial zones the expectation thatyou can recognize and distinguish between areas with different functions from the lighting they receive. This mainly concerns the lighting of functional areas that we accept as typical and which is in line with previous experience, e.g. the application of higher colour temperatures and uniform, diffuse lighting in working spaces, but warmer, directed light in prestigious spaces. The need for clearly defined private areasalso falls in this category lighting can be applied especially effectively in the conversation areas or waiting zones within larger spaces to create a feeling of privacy.

Eastwest Section

Flaunting its luminous curves, the Ysios Winery claims a place in the landscape with festive bluster. Its effects are large-scale and direct, grand theater rather than intimate conversation. Such an approach, though, runs the risk of provoking a Wizard of Oz effect if one steps off the central axis and peeks behind the scenes. But this tension is, after all, part of the attraction and mystery of the theater. And Calatrava's design captures that magic, conjuring an imaginative and animated architecture from base materials.

CA Anecdote

His associate explained that the contractor and his sub had called her from the site. Although only fifteen units were currently occupied, the furnaces in every unit had shut off, and the residents were cold and angry. A quick conversation with the mechanical subcontractor had revealed the problem to her.

Tuning in tuning out

The first concept, inspired by our conversation with a Deaf with a capital D individual, considered his ambivalent relationship with his residual hearing and his hearing aids. One thing he valued about his hearing aids was their versatility he could use them to vary his hearing ability from nonhearing to superhuman. He can choose to be nonhearing in an art gallery, where if children are running around and other people are talking, he tends to remove his hearing aids altogether and enjoy immersing himself in the paintings in silence. He is superhuman in the office, where he has discovered that if he walks down a corridor and switches his hearing aid to the T setting, to receive signals from induction loops, he can pick up the conversation in a conference room on the floor above and eavesdrop on a meeting he hasn't been invited to.

Andreas Hartmann

Ancestors are frequently also present at celebratory meals, here in the form of shared memories. In cases where group memory, i.e. communicated memory is active, the ancestral line can admittedly not be too long. Communal memory illuminates a time-span of about 80 to 100 years in the direct exchange of experiences and stories, the memory limit is the biblical century. Children might possibly just hear conversation about their great-grandparents or even their great-great-grandparents at the family dining table, beyond that contemporary witnesses disappear and we finally end up on the territory of family legend and genealogy. Nevertheless, celebratory meals in particular do provide a framework for collective memory and collective remembrance. It is not only in speeches at the table that we regularly come across a passage including those present symbolically, those who are physically present and those who are absent at this time, the deceased. Conversations at the table as well often...

Generating design

Design can be seen as an iterative process of generating and testing design ideas. The designer has been described as ' having a conversation with the drawing' (Schon, 1983). Designers use more than one method of organizing information about their designs and may shift attention between different modes of thinking - looking alternately at features such as spaces or structures (Lawson and Roberts, 1991). At the early stages few decisions have been made and ideas are imprecise, whilst at later stages the design solution is more concrete. Throughout the process, designs have to be visualized so that they can be understood and communicated.

Privacy Calculations

Offices are configured either as separate rooms with full or partial height walls or as an open plan layout. Open-office plan refers to a system of workstations, distributed about an open floor, separated by partial height barriers. This design approach yields a flexible and relatively inexpensive work space, which if properly designed can furnish a degree of privacy for telephone and other conversations. Originally developed in the 1960s, its effectiveness unfortunately was oversold at first and its reputation subsequently suffered from unfulfilled expectations. Problems also arose when the system was only partially implemented.

Training members

Note If a person describes a need your project won't satisfy, don't dwell on it and don't try to fix it for them. For instance, someone may have her heart set on a fireplace in her private unit when your group may have already chosen to have a fireplace only in the common house. Move on with the conversation. Cohousing doesn't satisfy every need, and cohousing isn't for everybody.

Concerning Content

But what is this conformity Let us approach it by a simile. Let us suppose a party in a private house, where are gathered together half a dozen people who are strangers to each other. The early part of the evening is passed in polite conversation on general subjects such as the weather and the current news. Cigarettes are passed and lights offered punctiliously. In fact it is all an exhibition of manners, of how one ought to behave. It is also very boring. This in conformity. However, later on the ice begins to break out of the straightjacket of orthodox manners and conformity and real human beings begin to emerge. It is found that Miss X's sharp but good-natured wit is just the right foil to Major Y's somewhat simple exuberance. And so on. It begins to be fun. Conformity gives way to the agreement to differ within a recognized tolerance of behavior.

Here And There

What better way of emphasizing an event in Fig. 11. Casebook Serial Vision. To walk from one end of the plan to the street such as a theater, than by giving this function its own space, another, at a uniform pace, will provide a sequence of revelations which which becomes alive and informed by sparkle and conversation and are suggested in the serial drawings. The even progress of travel is illumi-tension. nated by a series of sudden contrasts and so an impact is made on the Fig.10. Functional Space. What better way of emphasizing an event in Fig. 11. Casebook Serial Vision. To walk from one end of the plan to the street such as a theater, than by giving this function its own space, another, at a uniform pace, will provide a sequence of revelations which which becomes alive and informed by sparkle and conversation and are suggested in the serial drawings. The even progress of travel is illumi-tension. nated by a series of sudden contrasts and so an impact is...

Shared Wisdom

After visiting Torre's office in a former historic schoolhouse on Magazine Street in New Orleans, I became anxious to share Torre's unique approach to drawing and practice with a new generation of designers. Torre and I sat down for a rambling series of conversations over two days in February.

B2 Frequency

A sound's frequency is its number of vibrations per second, known as Hertz (Hz). This ranges from low, as in the deep tone of a bass drum, to high, as in the shrill blow of a whistle. Low-frequency sounds of about 16-500 Hz are called rumbly, while sounds of 1,000-8,000 Hz are referred to as hissy. Human conversation ranges from about 60-6,000 Hz, its dominant frequencies being about 500 Hz for men and 900 Hz for women. Due to the construction of the inner ear, human hearing is typically most receptive at about 3,000 Hz, is fairly uniform between about 150-4,500 Hz, and lowers rapidly below and above this range. At high sound frequencies, the voice is more directional and speech intelligibility reduces more rapidly if the speaker turns from the listeners. For simple calculations, the average pitch for human hearing is usually taken at 1,000 Hz.

Speech Privacy

When you want to keep the sounds of conversation contained within an office, a good place to start is with the use of absorbent materials, which will lower sound levels within the room. This reduces the level of sound that is available to pass to adjacent spaces. Next, designing barriers between spaces with heavy, airtight construction cuts down on the amount of sound transmitted to the adjoining rooms. Providing masking noise in neighboring spaces helps to disguise the information carried by speech and makes it less intrusive.

Office Spaces

Research has been performed on the benefits of good acoustic design, showing that paying attention to the acoustic qualities of a workspace can increase productivity and save money. Surveys of office workers show that noise is a bigger distraction than inadequate lighting or poor air quality, and that background conversation is the biggest distraction of all. In one study, improved acoustics resulted in a 13 percent improvement in productivity. The biggest cost of doing business is manpower, so improved productivity is worth money, and the expense of improved acoustics pays off.

D9 Theaters

This listening environment includes theaters, playhouses, repertory theaters, and theaters-in-the-round as well as movie houses, cinemas, and multiplexes. The primary acoustic quality of a theater is clarity of speech. Thus the stopped tones, successive enunciations, and tonal modulations of spoken sounds must approach the articulation of conversation between two people only a few feet from each other even though the actual sound-path may be as much as 60 ft, which is about the maximum distance that speech can travel without requiring amplification. Thus if every seat must be within 60 ft of the stage to promote an intimate ambience between actors and spectators, a little algebra indicates that a theater's maximum number of seats is about 600 if the seats and aisles are spacious.

Water Hammer


Waste stacks, which carry water and effluent from toilets and other fixtures, are a frequent cause of noise complaints, particularly when plastic (PVC or ABS) pipe is used. This lightweight pipe transmits annoying levels of noise when water flows through it. When a toilet is flushed upstairs and the water rushes through a plastic pipe, levels as high as 60 to 65 dBA have been measured in downstairs units. This is loud enough that it makes normal conversations difficult and is certainly a show-stopper for the party guests. The cause is the lightweight plastic material, which vibrates due to the turbulent flow created by the passage of the waste water, and any direct coupling of the pipe to the structure. Consequently plastic waste stacks should never be used in residential buildings or sensitive commercial structures such as offices, classrooms, hospitals, studios, or theaters even for short runs such as P-traps.

Edmund Burke

There are some parts of the human body that are observed to hold certain proportions to each other but before it can be proved that the efficient cause of beauty lies in these, it must be shown, that wherever these are found exact, the person to whom they belong is beautiful I mean in the effect produced on the view, either of any member distinctly considered, or of the whole body together. It must be likewise shown, that these parts stand in such a relation to each other, that the comparison between them may be easily made, and that the affection of the mind may naturally result from it. For my part, I have at several times very carefully examined many of those proportions, and found them hold very nearly or altogether alike in many subjects, which were not only very different from one another, but where one has been very beautiful, and the other very remote from beauty. With regard to the parts which are found so proportioned, they are often so remote from each other, in situation,...

Just in time

Dear recommends that attention be given to improving forecasting. Trends, seasonality, cycles, random events should be identified and put together with market knowledge, and maybe gut feeling, to plot possible futures. Graphical representations can be very helpful to see 'patterns'. The author's experience in relation to building stock condition surveys bears this out. By plotting on an estate plan the condition of chimney-stacks, it was possible to detect 'hotspots' of poorer condition. Conversations with residents confirmed that those had been built by a different contractor from the one used on the remainder of the estate.

Robert Morris

The gardens which I saw in China were very small nevertheless from them, and what could be gathered from Lepqua, a celebrated Chinese painter, with whom I had several conversations on the subject of gardening, I think I have acquired sufficient knowledge of their notions on this head.

Masking Sound

In a busy room full of people, so much noise is generated in the frequency range of human speech that only the closest, most attentive listener can understand what you say. A spy will turn up the radio before holding a conversation in a possibly bugged room for the same reason. Background sound that is close to the frequency of speech reduces the intelligibility of speech.


A striking and memorable image of a different attitude to prosthetics is that of the athlete, model, and actress Aimee Mullins, seen here wearing her carbon fiber running legs, tracksuit bottoms, and nothing else. It is taken from the cover of the fashion magazine Dazed & Confused, an edition guest edited by fashion designer Alexander McQueen around a theme of fashion and disability, titled Fashion-able 10 I have always liked this photograph for walking what I saw as a fine line between self-confidence and sensationalism. But in conversation, Mullins explains that it was not premeditated, and arose naturally out of a collaboration between McQueen, herself, and the photographer Nick Knight. Our intention was to explore a body with a serious intent and create a beautiful image. 11 The pose and the clothing were aesthetic considerations.

The look of the city

Glass and mirror have come into the frame with new techniques of heating and air conditioning. The reflective buildings that mirror themselves back at you in a 'look at me' kind of way seem impertinent and self-imposing. To the Western eye they now look cheap and garish, but to the post-Soviet eye they are like modernity par excellence. This has come in phases as new materials emerged and were tried out. The sturdy sickly brown and green glass feel then the reflective golden touch for the attention seekers and now the predominant silver that throws back clear mirror images. They do not invite nor have a conversation with you, the passer-by. They assert, aggressively, their presence.


Ukeles' office in the Department of Sanitation was closed for four months after the attack, but her greatest shock was at the dumping of human ash with garbage 'Garbage means things stripped of identity. It all becomes the same thing. We cannot treat human remains like that - we will have to use the unlimited power of human ingenuity to make a place of honor which restores the value of human life' (conversation, February 5th, 2002). When I visited Ukeles she was still dealing with 9-11 'I feel the need to create a space for listening to each other, while surrounded by flowing images of the unvoiced site. I want to make this place, for now, to make room for each other trying . . . to figure out how to understand this site all over again' (artist's statement). After her lecture at Staten Island College a member of the audience proposed that, since the ash of Chief Executive Officers was mixed with that of the invisible people (the cleaners and the maintenance staff) the memorial should...

General Introduction

On the second aim the practices on which I comment are included because I read them as critical interventions in current conditions and because the practitioners were willing to engage in conversation and to answer questions that were not restricted to appreciation. Many others could have been included I have followed the needs of viability within the limitations of time and resources. As to whether they should be taken as art, architecture, or something else altogether (like activism), I see no interest in arguing over that - if they are there, the angels continue to dance on the pins regardless of being counted.

What is research

Almost all scientific ideas are born out of communication between research colleagues. The exchange of ideas is also indispensable for recognising the most viable and visionary ones among the many ideas that form the raw material of progress in a research team. Criticism and revision of scientific goals and strategies ensure that dead-ends are identified and abandoned quickly. In this process social interaction between all members of the team is essential. Communication - whether it happens among few or many persons, or whether it is organised less or more formally - is the focal point of social life in a research team. Hence, a research building has to provide ample spaces for conversations and meetings on all levels of communication. This, for example, concerns open seminar and meeting rooms that are situated next to circulation routes in an institute or department. Accidental passers-by may get involved into conversations and share unexpected or novel points of view. Open plan...


The most difficult thing to do is to consistently, accurately, and comprehensively preserve telephone discussions and face-to-face conversations. The architect may want to develop a desk-side form for recording essential information from even routine telephone calls, especially calls with owners and contractors. Affordable soft-

Intercom Systems

Outside the lobby door differs from a conven tional panel in that it is supplied with a telephone receiver, and the list of residents has a three-digit number next to each name. A person wishing to enter the building dials the appropriate three-digit number, which makes the phone of the tenant buzz (not ring). The tenant then speaks with the person over the phone If recognition is established, the tenant dials 4 to open the front door If a tenant is speaking on the phone when the buzzer sounds, he can depress the receiver once, speak to the person in the lobby, buzz him in by dialing 4. and then depress the receiver again to return to his initial telephone conversation. For tenants without telephones, a special unit that can be used only for the intercom can be installed Fees for installation and service are billed by the phone company and added to the tenants' monthly rent

Civic creativity

These groups have differing characteristics, although some core qualities cluster, such as a relative degree of openness, tenacity and focus. Many may be smart in their subject but socially quite dull and limited. Indeed many work in the corporate world, with its many restrictions, formulae and group mindsets that may be effective in a narrow, econometric sense but are not necessarily creative. Creative urbanity, good conversation and wit are not inevitable partners of the research or corporate mind. Many of the so-called creatives in fact possibly want urban settings that are familiar, that have a contained edginess or a degree of reassuring predictability, and have lifestyles that are defined by the brands they associate with rather than what they create themselves. They breach boundaries in limited ways. So does this curbed boundary-breaking in one place make up a creative city Probably not.

The Bedouin

The Bedouin attach symbolic meaning to their tents. The tents are carried from one campsite to another on camelback. Once the group has arrived, women, who design, make, and own the tents, do all the work of erecting and dismantling them. Yet when a marriage takes place, the groom is said to build a tent over his wife. 8 The symbolism of the tent is carried into modern urban life. Ali al-Ambar, a Saudi ethnologist, is quoted as saying, The first thing any Saudi does when he builds a new home, even in a big city, is to put a tent in the garden, or a figurative version of it in the house for the traditional majlis, a social gathering for conversation and counsel, and for the powerful, an official audience.9

Phase II

The extension to the north-east is conceived as an independent but linked building to the original. This is a single volume which can be divided unequally and extends with a rendered retaining wall along its northern boundary to form a terrace on the eastern side and a boundary to the garden on the western side. Again the materials are the same as the other extension with a lead roof, steel framing and Douglas Fir framed windows. the monopitch roof is designed to admit south light into north facing rooms while its sinusoidal form deliberately avoids any conversation with the roof pitch of the existing building.

Research today

These factors have an impact on time and space of communication which, just like the various technological preconditions, have to be considered by the architect. For example the planning of laboratories, clean rooms, and work processes generating emissions have to follow very specific standards. The goal is to embed this high-tech working environment into a communicative layout. After all, research and technology buildings act as information systems that need to redefine their internal and external permeability yet they also act as immune systems that serve an environment, allowing for concentration and focussing on a certain subject. How different the individual strategies of information transfer may be - at the end of the day they have to improve communication between the employees, how they join a conversation and how they listen to each other. In a knowledge-oriented enterprise, talking is part of the working process. The required culture of knowledge is characterised by trust,...


As mentioned above, conversations between client and architect rarely include structural issues. Perhaps the need for some floor areas to support heavy file-storage systems warrants discussion, but otherwise a client expects the architect and structural engineer to deliver an economic and trouble-free structure. After all, the client is familiar with the concept of gravity forces. A gravity resisting structure is experienced every day of the week although mostly at a subconscious level. And, unless accommodated in a building noticeably flexible during wind gusts, the client may be disinterested in details regarding wind design.

Figure 102

Ware is available to enable architects to easily create desktop electronic records of their phone conversations. However an architect records his verbal conversations, he should remember to identify who, what, where, when, and especially how any decisions were arrived at during the conversation. This information will pay huge dividends when trouble strikes. See the anecdote for one architect's story of the hazards of poor documentation.


You see that lady, sometimes she screams, she is not right in her head, can't take this life. Now we look after her, we give her what we eat but she will die if the police don't take her away, get knocked maybe . it's too late, her head is damaged, finished. (Mavis, Thandi, and Maria, Durban street traders, conversations with Priscilla Cunnan, 1998-9)


And materials (the granite blocks of the fountain recall the Tai Hu rocks common in Suzhou gardens) to project a distinct Asian flavor. The park is saved from being too cloying by the dramatic forms of the red metal gateway and cagelike structures that frame bamboo plantings. Unlike the rest of the greenway parks, the Chinatown Park benefits from its location on a widened sidewalk, immediately adjacent to buildings, rather than being surrounded by traffic. This gives the Chinatown Park an intimate feel that the others lack, particularly at its northern end, where raised planting beds and fountains mask the sight and sound of vehicles. The only odd note is the large Chinatown entry plaza at Beach Street. Though it was easy to envision the plaza used for special occasions such as the Chinatown Main Street Festival, on the sunny morning when I visited it felt abandoned. However, the conviviality of the flower-lined northern walkway, where a dozen people on the granite seat wall shared I...

Spontaneous Conversation

Spontaneous Conversation

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