Country Houses of Tasmania

Behind the closed doors of our finest private colonial estates

Photographs by Alice Bennett Text by Georgia Warner


First published in 2009

Copyright © Alice Bennett and Georgia Warner 2009

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Bennett, Alice.

Country houses of Tasmania : behind the closed doors of our finest private colonial estates / Alice Bennett, Georgia Warner.

ISBN: 9781741756524 (hbk.)


Country homes--Tasmania. Historic buildings--Tasmania. Tasmania--History.

Other Authors/Contributors: Warner, Georgia. 728.3709946

Designed and typeset by Stephen Smedley, Tonto Design Printed in Singapore by Imago

Colour reproduction by Splitting Image, Clayton, Victoria 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Thank you to every one of the amazing home owners who have helped make this book possible, and who made it so enjoyable along the way.

Thanks especially to Michael and Susie Warner, Sandy Gray and Richard and Sue Bennett.

Ellenthorpe Tasmania



1 Introduction

2 Beaufront 10 Belgrove 18 Belmont 26 Bentley

34 Peppers Calstock

44 Cambria

52 Cheshunt

60 Dalness

68 Douglas Park

76 Dunedin

84 Egleston

92 Ellenthorpe Hall

100 Exton House

108 Forcett House

114 High Peak

124 Highfield

132 Hollow Tree

142 Lake House

148 Mona Vale

160 Old WesleyDale

168 Quorn Hall

174 Summerhome

182 Valleyfield, Epping Forest

190 Valleyfield, New Norfolk

198 Vaucluse

208 View Point

216 Further reading

Belgrove Tasmania


You are usually getting warm when you spot the cluster of exotic trees—the towering oaks, liquidambars, chestnuts, elms, poplars and pines. Look closely and you might spy chimneys soaring within.

Or, if you're lucky, you might find yourself driving along a deserted back road of rural Tasmania, only for an imposing Georgian mansion to appear from almost nowhere and take your breath away.

Tasmania is blessed with a rich cultural heritage. Lesser known than some of the state's famous convict-built icons are the colonial mansions that were constructed by the early settlers who braved this wild and untamed land.

As these adventurers laid the foundations of Tasmania's flourishing agricultural industry, they also created an antipodean England in the lavish homes they built. Some of these homes are still in the same families today.

This book not only showcases some of those amazing houses but also the incredible people who have passed through them over the years, and through those people gives a glimpse into the colonial history of Tasmania itself.

With only a couple of exceptions, the properties you will be granted entrance to on the following pages are private family homes. Please respect the privacy of these homeowners and the generosity they have shown in opening their doors to you via the pages of this book.

Alice Bennett and Georgia Warner

Mona Vale Tasmania

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