A real slice

If natural stone was part of the produce family, they'd probably call it organic.

No chemicals. No additives. No laboratory-induced processing. Just the way nature created it millions of years ago.

Today, there's a new emphasis on the real thing, especially when it comes to the products we eat and the materials we use to build with.

Thanks to new sources of supply around the world and the sophisticated technology that gets it out of the ground and to the fabricator at less cost; beautiful, versatile, affordable natural stone is the natural of nature.

choice in every phase of residential, institutional and commercial construction.

At the Marble Institute of America, we're dedicated to helping architects, designers and contractors to understand how they can effectively use nature's oldest building material in their projects now and in the future.

That's why we're offering our popular Dimension Stone Design Manual VI, acclaimed around the world, to architects at a special price of $99. Available in print or on CD.

To get your copy call MIA at 440-250-9222.

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