High Concrete's breakthrough thinking in precast technology achieved dynamic results with the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Architects chose High not only because precast's excellent sound attenuation qualities solved the problem of a noisy city location, but because High's solution of using repetitive architectural precast panels was the most cost-effective way to clad the building's uniquely curved surfaces. High's unparalleled commitment to new technology and innovation led to this and advancements such as carbon fiber reinforced CarbonCast™—precast that's stronger, lighter, better insulating and more durable, allowing a virtually unlimited selection of colors, textures and finishes. And the 15'-wide MEGA-Tee deck system that enables wider spans and more open plans in total precast buildings and parking garages. Dynamic structures like the Children's Museum are possible with High's expert technical assistance in all phases of a project, from design to erection. High gives architects the flexibility to explore unique solutions while ensuring a job is completed on schedule and on budget. Call High to learn more about precast breakthroughs.

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