160 Long Residence

Cutler Anderson Architects 164 Hill House

Johnston Marklee & Associates 170 Art Studio and Residence

The Office of Peter Rose 176 Sunset Cabin

Taylor_Smyth architects 183 Residential Products ment project in Lakewood, Colorado; a central district plan in Pasadena, California; and the town of Redding, Connecticut, for cleanup and redevelopment of an abandoned wire mill into a mixed-use, transit-oriented neighborhood. (See www.epa. gov/smartgrowth/awards.htm). Pods may make poor pads The reality of living in a 13.1-by-8.2-foot capsule may be too confining to bear for residents of Tokyo's Nagakin Capsule Tower. The building, completed in 1972, faces either a refurbishment or replacement—with residents making a case for the latter. Architect Kisho Kurokawa designed the pods, which feature built-in beds, bathrooms, and one circular window. Kurokawa gives the building about a 50 percent chance of survival, despite its ability to draw tourists. Dog Box Though it's more typical to ask, "How much is that doggy in the window?" as opposed to inquiring about the doghouse, a $525 "Dog Box" is outshining its residents. Interns at Frank Harmon Architecture in Raleigh, North Carolina, used recycled materials and green-building techniques to create the house, which sold at North Carolina's Triangle Beagle Auction. The roof collects rainwater and provides an attractive surface for planting. For interior creature comfort, a photovoltaic solar panel provides electricity to an exhaust fan inside, while a window admits daylight. Sarah Cox

The houses shown here share the distinction of being on hillsides that offer spectacular views. The Art Studio and Residence sits on the edge of an open and grassy hilltop, overlooking the landscape of northern Connecticut, which displays a patchwork of New England farms. Sited on the side of a promontory of Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington State, the Long Residence features a distant vista of the Harney Channel, where green and white ferries ply their route day after day. A tiny sleeping cabin overlooks Lake Simcoe in the countryside above Toronto, where the owners observe geese stopping by in fall on their migration south, and coyotes walking gingerly on the ice in winter. In Pacific Palisades, Hillside House boasts panaramic views of Rustic and Sullivan Canyons in one direction, and Santa Monica Bay on the other. Even with such disparate locations and varied terrain, the importance of view as the organizing principle of design binds these houses together. Jane F. Kolleeny

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A modern version of the log cabin, the house perches on the side of a hill overlooking the Harney Channel in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. Tripod log assemblies and beams, prebuilt off-site, provide both structural support and aesthetic interest. A glazed front wall opens all the spaces of the house to the view.


The elegant Long bodies Cutler

Anderson Architects' interpretation of a log cabin

By Victoria Medgyesi

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