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Use the learning objectives below to focus your study as you read Air Barriers: Increasing Building Performance, Decreasing Energy Costs. To earn one AIA/CES Learning Unit, including one hour of health, safety, welfare credit, answer the questions on page 211, then follow the reporting instructions on page 224 or go to the Continuing Education section on and follow the reporting instructions. LEARNING OBJECTIVES

After reading this article, you should be able to:

• Explain recent trends in air barriers for buildings.

• Understand the physics of air and moisture movement through the building enclosure.

• Discuss air barrier functions, benefits and performance requirements.

• Select the appropriate air barrier for building projects.

Summary of Existing and Proposed Energy Codes

Codes & Regulations

Compliance Requirements Air Infiltration, cfm/ft2 @ 0.30 in water (75Pa)

Material ASTM E2178

Assembly ASTM E1677

Whole Bldg. ASTM E779

The National Building Code of Canada (1995 NBC)

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