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AIA names first female C.E.O.

Christine McEntee has been named the AIA's first female executive vice president and chief executive officer, succeeding Norman L. Koonce, FAIA, who retires on December 31. McEntee, whose tenure becomes effective February 1, 2006, formerly served as C.E.O. of the American College of Cardiology. She is credited with increasing that organization's revenue by $18 million annually and growing membership to 33,000 during her seven-year term.

"I am extremely energized to be working with such a dedicated cadre of professionals who are deeply committed to making lives better through spaces and environments," says McEntee. Koonce, her predecessor, who had been AIA C.E.O/E.V.P. since 1999, wanted a break to New AIA C.E.O. turn his attention to issues Christine McEntee.

of "exploring the power of architecture to elevate and enrich the human experience," while also spending more time with his family. Koonce established closer working relationships between local, regional, and national AIA components, and increased association membership 12 percent, to 74,000 in 2004. Tony Illia

Modern building draws ire in Charleston Boston-based Kennedy + Violich Architecture's design for the new Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston, South Carolina, has drawn intense criticism from preservationists and neighborhood activists. One letter to the Charleston Post and Courier said the building's design "is obviously copied from one of the worst periods in American architecture, the 1960s."

YYePG Proudly Presents, Tlhe: iatelUpportnpus building, located in the historic Ansonborough neighborhood, includes gallery, classroom, and studio space for design students. The city's Architectural Review Board has supported the design, though final approval isn't

A rendering of Clemson's Architecture Center in Charleston (above, at right).

expected until March. Clemson's archtiecture dean, Janice Schach, says that Clemson understands the traditional atmosphere in Charleston, and hopes to enrich preservation dialogue. "We're willing to be flexible on form, height, massing, and materials, but we will not mimic historic styles," she says. Alan G. Brake

Agreement with international architects At the Architects Council of Europe (ACE) General

Assembly, held in Luxembourg on November 18 and 19, ACE, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), and the AIA signed an agreement for "mutual recognition of professional qualifications between architects of the European Union and the United States." With such recognition, says Ellen Delage, AIA director of international relations, qualified U.S. architects with at least seven years of substantial post-licensure experience would be considered eligible to apply for a license to practice in Europe (and vice-versa). The agreement comes after about five years of negotiations between the signatories. It is the first mutual recognition of professional credentials to be signed between representatives of the E.U. and the U.S.

ACE has ratified the agreement; AIA officials expect that the NCARB and AIA boards will ratify it later next year. Then, a final legal agreement would be negotiated for adoption by the European Commission and U.S. jurisdictions. S.L.

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