Indiana Lj M Estone Company

Ind iartaLimesloiiBEampa

Same source of raw material used in our nation's most renowned buildings

Natural durability and high quality

The Classic Complement to brick and other building materials

Readily available

Choose the classic beauty and durability of Indiana Limestone building veneers. Call 4GD-457-402fi or visit

Wide range of trim units available

Precision cut in cost-effective and versatile modular units ePG Proudly Presents, Thx for Suppo

■ A richty textured, I Ightly tumbled natural Indiana Limestone. The Classic ■ Fu 11 color blend, random length split faced Indiana L imestone veneer. Complement to brick and oilier materials that adds beauty and value, TimeJess beauty of natural stone with an ease of iosta I lation.

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