k Home theater experience for smaller footprints

Da-Lite's Acoustical Imager provides a speaker solution for homeowners who can't accommodate floor-standing or in-wall loudspeakers but still want the home theater experience delivered by a projection TV screen. The Imager's frame incorporates left, center, and right front speakers, and a subwoofer with an additional pair of table- or floor-mounted speakers for surround sound complete the package. The screen is available in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios and its Pro-Trim fabric covering is said to absorb light in the viewing area. Da-Lite Screen Company, Warsaw, Ind. circle 203

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► The latest in television-mirror technology

The mirror TV is a natural for any living space where clients want to watch television without the display dominating the room. When the TV is off, Philip's MiraVision becomes a standard mirror on the wall and hides all wires running behind the display. Available in 32'' and 42'' sizes, MiraVision provides a big-screen, space-saving solution for small rooms. MiraVision switches from mirror to TV mode at the touch of a button, and its frame can be replaced to match the décor. Philips Consumer Electronics, Atlanta. circle 204

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Consumers are showing a preference for in-ceiling speakers over in-wall types, and manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate products. SpeakerCraft's novel approach in the new Time line of speakers uses motorization to position the speakers for music or home theater and then raise them flush to the ceiling when not in use. When activated, the speakers drop from the ceiling at angles of 15, 30, and 45 degrees and then rotate toward the preprogrammed listening position. Presets enable installers to address multiple seating locations and different music and movie preferences. SpeakerCraft, Riverside, Calif. circle 205

k Command center

Vantage Controls' TouchPoint HD is the first touch-screen controller to offer HDTV resolution for video content. The on-wall controller operates a full array of household subsystems, including lighting, security, HVAC, and appliances, as well as audio and video. The video input can display programming from cable or satellite TV as well as networked security cameras throughout the house. Vantage Systems, Orem, Utah. circle 207

Sharp has pushed the envelope of the LCD TV with the largest screen size to date, a 65'' model that delivers high-end 1080p resolution. With a built-in HDTV tuner and CableCard slot, the LC-65D9OU can show a high-definition cable broadcast without add-on components for users who want to minimize the amount of electronics in a room. A built-in TV Guide On Screen provides users with an electronic program guide if they choose not to have a cable box. Both the stand and the speakers are detachable. Sharp Electronics, Mahwah, N.J. circle 206

* Space-saving bar-style speaker

Polk's Surround Bar is designed for homeowners who want to improve on the sound quality of plasma TV speakers but don't want to sacrifice floor or ceiling space to get it. The single, bar-style speaker mounts above or beneath a plasma TV and accepts five rear-panel inputs to deliver five channels of surround sound from a single enclosure. Using signal processing and acoustical geometry, the speaker can work in any room and even outdoors in a protected location. Polk Audio, Baltimore. circle 208

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