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Extreme Performance Commercial Insulated Glass

8 Doors & windows


Warm-Light® spacer from Azon creates a warm-edge glass unit that reduces thermal conductivity in any climatic condi-tion.The result is a dramatic reduction in condensation on the glass surface in cool climates and less heat transfer in warm climates, as well as lower utility costs and a more comfortable interior environment. The polyurethane core in WarmLight spacer is 100 times less conductive than stainless steel or conventional aluminum spacer. Also enables design flexibility for a variety of building types, window sizes and styles, with standard and custom colors.


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Cedar Roofing & Sidewall

7 Thermal & moisture protection

Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau

The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau provides installation instructions and AIA Continuing Education Seminars. Member manufacturers produce Certi-label™ brand cedar shakes and shingles for roofing and sidewall applications. To ensure quality, independent third party inspections are conducted, plus quality assurance by the CSSB Cedar Quality Auditor. Certi-label brand products are a renewable resource, durable, impact- and wind-resistant, and available with either pressure-impregnated preservative or fire retardant treatment, in either pre-stained or pre-primed finishes.


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Eliason Easy Swing® Doors are manufactured for use in supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores, specialty stores, department stores, food service and walk-in coolers. Choose from a variety of colors and options.The HCP-10 is built to take the punishment from motorized equipment and pallet jacks. Custom manufactured to meet your specifications. Buy direct. Specify with confidence.


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Light Diffusing Glass

8 Doors & windows

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