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Precast on a diet.

The benefits of weight loss really add up for the latest innovation in precast concrete. CarbonCast™ precast uses ultra-strong C-GRID™ carbon fiber mesh for secondary reinforcing and C-GRID trusses for shear transfer. Non-corrosive, low thermal conductivity C-GRID requires less concrete cover, enabling thinner and lighter precast sections, which are inherently greener because of lower material usage, expedited construction and superior energy efficiency.

The bottom line of lower weight is lower construction and long-term costs, but CarbonCast products offer much more: mold-free insulation, higher R-values and longer long-term durability. CarbonCast is brought to you by AltusGroup, Inc., precast industry leaders offering consistent quality and uniform design standards no matter where your project is located. For more information call 866-GO-ALTUS or visit our web site:

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