New Life for the Big Easy

An international competition for new housing in New Orleans

Sponsored by Architectural Record and McGraw-Hill Construction in partnership with Tulane University School of Architecture

New Orleans. The Crescent City. Now, wounded by Hurricane Katrina-leaving in its wake widespread damage to homes, lives, and futures-needs your 'hearts and minds' to reassess, re-envision and redesign the region's housing. To breathe new life and rebuild lives.

Architectural Record and McGraw-Hill Construction, in partnership with Tulane University School of Architecture, invite you to submit your ideas to help design the future of New Orleans. Participants in this competition will design housing for an actual block in the city of New Orleans. Winning designs will be published in Architectural Record and presented at the 2006 AIA Convention and Expo. Selected submissions will appear on McGraw-Hill Construction web sites.

Programmatic elements include:

• Single family housing

• Multi-family housing

• Mixed-use urban planning

Other programmatic elements:

• This competition encourages close attention to issues of sustainability, both in urban planning and architectural design.

• Contestants are encouraged to incorporate modular or prefabricated building products and processes wherever possible.

Important Note: While the competition welcomes visionary or hypothetical proposals, contestants are encouraged to consider that New Orleans faces a severe and immediate housing crisis, and is in need of practical, affordable solutions to this problem.

Competition Entry:

Go to for submission requirements and more specific programmatic information. Competition specifics will be included in the competition packet. All entries must be received no later than March 1, 2006.

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