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Department of Hcnltli :ind Eliinmn Services National I n^tif Litis «jf Health Dirttlur, Officii of Research Facililii s Development and Operations ^t^

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JT.it; NatidUEl Institutes of HeaMi l.viHf is seeking excepdaOil candidates lor riwf position of Director, Office of Research Facilities Development and Operations, Through tin: pursuit of medical and behavioral research, the M]1 I strives lo understand the nalure and beiiavior of living ij'sleins mil Lt> apply that knw ledge to extend tJis." lenglh and ¡quality of life. nii: 27 tnerdDJUa and ("eofa? at Kt i I employ approKinialclv 18,000 scientists and administrative stati", .ill supporting research efforts for a healthy nation. Ths NUI facilities are a critical component of this premier biomedical rea^Wch instiluiion and include a major rescarch hospital and laboratorv and clinical facility located primarily on iLf 3tK) acre .Vl:ir>' LojulI campus. With lea sett satellite facilities locally and m otlter sites around the country The Director of the N|i I Facility Program works in partncrsliip with the scientists and management of Ml I to provide the Ctfttnlg-edge infrastructure needed to advance the scientific and health missions of the Mil. Ite sueccssliil candidate for thin position will provide management and oversight tor a slidV ol'ovcr 1000. aiithnntauve adv ice lo Ml I e;teeulives, and leadership and direction lor ail phases of facility placating!, acquisition, eonslrucHon. operation, and management of all Nil! owned and leased facilities. This is ail executive level position with a salary commensurate with experience, with a ran ye ofilO?, 55C to plus benefits. Certain reloca tion expenses may also he paid.

'Flic complelc vacancy anninmcraninif ailing with mandatory L]uafi ileal iim R-tjuirLnuiLs and application pniceihires. can he accessed via lite Nlll Hortre Page ai EiItpi'/iY«nhi. nih.^ov under tiie I'xeemive hhs suction i Announcement Sunhers Oll-ltS-tWSKS fur l:iij.n[ieeT\ anil (HWK-1 (INKS fnr AiuliitecM. FtirLjuesiions. conlacL Mi. Lyniuto Pamsh at SeniorKi- o<id.nili.|>n\ Application!, including a statement addressing (he qualifications reijuinenienK. mnsl hi- njceivedby close of business. Friday. EVliraiin lO.KKIfl

To lind oat more about the Office of Research l aeihttes Development and Operations, please visit htt|K.'/oi'f.mJ. ii i! i.fco \L

Mil is based in Belltesdii. Mitry limit. lust outside of Washington DC. Our jll-ttcre campus boasls plenty ol green space, where we liave regular cultural events forstatYandthopuhlic. Fjfccllcnl restaurants. shops,traiisportaliim.and entertainment mate Uethesda a great place to work. and the wealth of museums, monuments,parts, sports and eul-lural activities in tJie Washington metropolitan area provider ample recreation opportunities. There is a metro subway station (Medical (.enter on llic red line! and the bus stops on the NUt campus, prov iding access lo LX . snhurhan Vlarviand. and Northern Virginia. We also have 1'ree parking - a rare commodjtv in t]te Di" meuir-polilan area - Iransporttilion subsidies, and a ride - sharing neUuork lor eommuU'ni.

Join ils on the edge Oi discovery in k'niliiig America lo belter iKidth, safety, and well heing.

rtHIIS unit MB art1 Equal Of/tottunity Fmpfoyers

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