1. What is the function of muntins?

a. To hold the window pane within a sash b. To serve as an integral part of the window casing.

c. Protect the edge of the sill d. Holds the stiles of a window

2. According to the National Park Service windows are significant if they a. Are original b. Reflect the period or regional style of the building c. Have been replaced d. a and b above

3. The U value of a single pane of glass is:

4. The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation recommends: a. Identifying the form and detailing of architectural features b. Replacing windows as a first choice c. Retaining and preserving architectural features d. a. and c. above.

5. All historic buildings being renovated must conform first to:

a. The Secretary of the Interior's Standards b. Their original architectural plans c. Local landmark criteria d. State Historic Commission Office

6. GSA cost analyses have found that:

a. Replacing wood windows is always advantageous.

b. Wood windows are usually not cost effective to repair or restore c. Replacement in kind of simple double wood hung windows is a preferred choice d. Restoring simple double hung windows is always cost efficient

7. The usual tilt angle of Colonial sills is:

a. 14 degrees b. 4 to 5 degrees c. 10 to 12 degrees d. 8 degrees

8. Older windows:

a. Have minimal or no weather-stripping b. a. c. and d.

c. Often are fitted with float or handblown glass.

d. Usually contain layers of lead paint

9. Replacing old windows can:

a. Improve thermal efficiency b. Damage casings and wallboards.

c. Cost more than restoring them d. All of the above

10. Installing tinted glass on restored windows:

a. Does not meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards b. Should only be done to enhance thermal efficiency c. Can avoid the greenish tint of ordinary glass d. Should only be done if the whole window is replaced

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