* Shaping a spa environment

Lasco Bathware's new luxury brand, Contours, includes the new Radius Series bath and shower modules. Lasco partnered with Blue Design, a Los Angeles design firm, to develop the five contemporary baths and three luxury showers. Inspired by design elements of the BMW Z4 sports car, the baths feature soft concave surfaces, pearlescent finishes, and surface tension details. The baths include an air-and-water hydrotherapy system, an inline heater, and one-touch functionality. The Euro-styled showers, in 48'' and 60'' widths, have optional steam and body shower sprays, chromatherapy lighting, and a teak floor insert. Lasco Bathware, Anaheim, Calif. circle 221

Norway's Solarnor AS has developed the first high-temperature polymer collector using GE Plastics' Noryl EN150SP resin. The company wanted to find a replacement for the expensive and cumbersome choices of copper and aluminum for the reservoir in their solar panels. The Solarnor AS solar-panel system (right) collects the sun's energy to heat water that can, in turn, heat rooms and provide hot water. Noryl resin's ability to withstand high water temperatures, plus its excellent hydrolytic stability under constant exposure to water, made the material a good candidate for the Solarnor design. Also on the solar-energy front, CSI Solar Technologies selected GE's Lexan EXL 9330 resin as a durable cover material for its solar-module-battery connection box. GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass. circle 222

* Superb solar control combination

One of record's 2005 Product Reports Editors Picks, Solarban 70XL glass is a new solar-control low-E glass from PPG that offers an unprecedented combination of solar control and visible light transmittance (VLT) with a transparent, color-neutral appearance. In a standard 1'' insulating glass unit, Solarban 70XL has a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of .27 with a VLT of 63 percent. That equates to a Light to Solar Gain ratio of 2.3, which surpasses the performance of any other solar-control low-E glass on the market. Independent testing has shown that specification of Solarban 70XL glass could defray initial capital costs for cooling equipment by as much as 26 percent. PPG Industries, Pittsburgh. circle 223

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The 2005 Sweet's Cost Guides

Promosedia is an annual trade fair dedicated entirely to residential and contract seating made in the Friuli region of Italy. The following are a few of the winners in the Invited and Top Ten Competitions. Charles Linn, faia

i Invited competition winners

The Rodrock (left) and Soft (right) chairs were two of Promosedia's six International Design Competition winners. Rodrock was designed by Munich-based Weisshaar/Kram. Its solid beech skids, bottom, and back are fastened together using dozens of >5"-wide wooden dowels. For accuracy's sake, holes for the dowels are drilled with the aid of a computer-controlled drilling machine. Soft, designed by the Swedish firm Front, is a comfortable, form-fitting chair made of a wooden form wrapped with hundreds of small balls of wood that have been threaded over elastic cables. Promosedia, Udine, Italy. circle 224

► Fits like its namesake

Promosedia's Top Ten Chairs are selected by a jury made up of designers, journalists, and manufacturers. One of their selections included this sensuously contoured armchair called Glove. Its one-piece, ergonomicaiiy fitted seat and back are covered with oak veneer. Glove was designed by Daniel Rode for Vemap. It is supported by a steel frame that is finished in a satin chrome. A padded seat covered in leather is also available. Promosedia, Udine, Italy. circle 225

* Colorful recliner

The Lazy Mary is a simple, one-piece chaise longue made of injection-molded composite resins that are reinforced with fiberglass. It is ideal for poolside use at spas, resorts, and at home. The weather-resistant recliner comes in a number of colors and can be stacked for storage. Monica Graffeo designed the chair for Disguincio. Disguincio, Pordenone, Italy. circle 226

► Springy but firm seating

Designers and members of the press at the show made Boogie their choice for Promosedia's Residential Chair of the Year. Daniel Rode's dining-room chair for P.S.M. uses flat laminated-wood tubes for the seat and back, which are covered with either light- or dark-stained oak veneer. These components are attached to a steel frame finished In polished chrome, which has a slight give when in use. P.S.M., Udlne, Italy, circle 227

Smooth, contoured comfort

The Arod stool Is fitted with an anatomically Inspired, molded-plastlc seat, which Is available In a variety of solid and transparent colors, as well as chrome. A chrome-finished, tubular-steel superstructure Is pictured (left); however, a second version, supported by a stainless-steel base and an adjustable-height column is also available. Claudio Dondoli and Marco Poccl of Studio Archlrivolto designed Arod for Pedrall. Pedrali, Brescia, Italy. circle 228

Designer Giovanni Clgana's Dafne, a stool for use In bars and restaurants, was selected by design professionals and press attending Promosedla as their choice for Contract Chair of the Year. The laminated-wood seat Is covered with beech veneer, which can be finished in bleached-oak, ebony, and zebra-striped finishes. The base Is made of textile-patterned stainless steel, and the height of the chromed supporting column can be adjusted using a gas pump. The stool is manufactured by Rover Plus. Rover Plus, Udlne, Italy, circle 229

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