These giant 14-ft.-tall Spanish Cedar panels with distressed wrought iron were designed by an architect and built by SUN-DOR-CO to add maximum elegance to an upscale restaurant. Six sets of these panels were incorporated into the building along with custom front-entry doors with the restaurant's logo etched into glass panels. This is just another example of SUN-DOR-CO's 50 years of expertise in building custom doors. You design it ... they'll build it. And, they'll do it in less than 60 days.


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Reduce Sound Transmission

9 Finishes


Acoustiblok®: An easy and economical product to reduce sound transmission. Amazing sound reduction, up to an STC of 66 using standard construction. So revolutionary it was awarded 1st place by the British House of Commons for Britain's Noise Abatement Society Competition. Easy to install, 1/8-in.-thick, cuts with box knife, can be nailed, stapled, or glued. No Construction changes, less cost than other methods. UL approved for commercial building, made in USA.


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Resilient Athletic Flooring

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Abacus Sports Installations

Abacus Sports Installations is proud to offer PADENPOR. PADENPOR resilient flooring is designed for multipurpose use, including all sports activities, dances, meetings, roller blading, etc. PADENPOR is a "dual durometer" multipurpose floor. Two products (rubber base-mat and urethane) are combined to introduce two different hardnesses to the floor. The rubber underlayment (LEED and Green certified) is soft, offering resilience/ergonomics/safety. The ure-thanes are hard, offering not only performance (ball rebound/playability) but also durability.


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Plastic Ceiling Panels & Backsplashes 9 Finishes


Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC

Offered at a fraction of the cost of its stainless steel counterparts, Outwater's new selection of highly detailed Class-A Fire Retardant Plastic Ceiling Panels and Backsplashes not only enable a perfect, professional installation by anyone without any necessary previous experience, they are available in a variety of different traditional and contemporary finishes to accommodate any décor. Easy to cut for customized fabrication, they are waterproof and mildew-resistant as well as germ- and bacteria-free.


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Ornamental Plaster Ceiling Tiles

9 Finishes


Above View Mfg., By Tiles, Inc.

Above View ornamental plaster ceiling tiles are fabricated from a non-toxic, non-combustible, proprietary composition. They drop into any standard 15/16-in. T-Bar grid system. There are more than 50 standard designs, custom design work, and 1,300 custom colors and faux finishes available upon request.


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Cast Metal Wall Surfacing

9 Finishes

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