The Purists Rebutted That It Would Be Blasphemous To Introduce Any Slope In A Rigidly Rectilinear Structure

that a deeper reveal would look heavy. Sexton argued that by sloping the stop from % inch at the glass to % inch at face, it would read the same as the original. The purists rebutted that it would be blasphemous to introduce any amount of slope in a rigidly rectilinear structure. They also argued that Mies used off-the-shelf extrusions, and a sloped stop would have to be custom fabricated, a clear violation of his principles. Sexton, with the support of Dean Robertson and Gunny Harboe, prevailed, because they convinced all the interested parties that, first of all, the slope cannot be seen. And secondly, compromising on the custom-design issue was better than specifying a heavy, and thus inappropriate, stock stop.

Clune enlisted specialty-glazing contractor Harmon to handle the field work and endure the closest scrutiny. According to Harmon, the facade consists of more than 800 steel stops held in place by more than 6,250 screws, and each screw was countersunk to protect the ever-so-slightly beveled profile. Tenuta marvels at the scrutiny. They had to be submitted for approval, were rejected, remade, and resubmitted. Even the depth of the countersink was debated, until a tolerance of a mere inch was agreed upon.

The 120 lower lites were replaced with a clear tempered glass from Viracon, and the inner face was sandblasted to recreate the exact same effect as the original. The Miesian scholars were in agreement with this solution. However, Sexton knew that unless the sandblasted side was treated, the school would face the same staining and scratching problems it did before. Fortunately, technology eliminated many con-

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< cc returned to its original glory. Krueck & Sexton Architects and Clune Construction searched until they found a manufacturer to recreate the "Miesian black" that delineates the structure's exoskeleton in stark contrast to the rest of the campus.

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