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An idea or a movement

Today we can even talk of a Creative City Movement,63 but back in the late 1980s, when most of the constituent ideas were being developed, the key terms discussed were culture, the arts, cultural planning, cultural resources and the cultural industries. Creativity as a broad-based attribute only came into common, as distinct from specialist, currency in the mid-1990s. Earlier Australia's Creative Nation, instigated in 1992 by Prime Minister Paul Keating, spelt out the country's cultural policy with a focus on creativity. In the UK, by contrast, the first short version of the Creative City published in 1995 had little resonance beyond niche audiences.64 Instead it was the publication of Ken Robinson's national commission on creativity, education and the economy for the UK Government, All Our Future Creativity, Culture and Education, that a couple of years after its publication in 1999 put creativity more firmly on to the political agenda.65 Later some of the phraseology changed, but...

Special International Correspondent International Correspondents

ARCHITECTURAL RECORD (ISSN 0003-858X) January 2006.Vol. 194,No. 01.Published monthly by The McGraw-Hill Companies, 1221 Avenue ofthe Americas,New York, N.Y. 10020. Periodicals postage paid at New York, N.Y. and additional mailing offices. Ride Along enclosed in edition 010 and 011. Canada Post International Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement No. 40012501. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to DPGM Ltd.,2-7496 Bath Road, Mississauga, ON L4T 1L2. Email P64ords Registered for GST as The McGraw-Hill Companies. GST No. R123075673. Postmaster Please send address changes to ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, Fulfillment Manager, P.O. Box 566, Hightstown, N.J. 08520. SUBSCRIPTION Rates are as follows U.S. and Possessions 71 Canada and Mexico 79 (payment in U.S. currency, GST included) outside North America 199 (air freight delivery). Single copy price 9.95 for foreign 11. Subscriber Services 877 876-8093 (U.S. only) 609 426-7046 (outside the U.S.) fax 609 426-7087. SUBMISSIONS...

Harvard Residence 19031909

Parsons came from Wisconsin, where he started a department store with his brother. In 1895, he moved to Seattle, eventually traveling north to become manager of the Ames Mercantile Company in Dawson City, Yukon Territory. By 1903 he had returned to Seattle, and a few years later was selected by the Washington Trust Company of Seattle to open the Washington-Alaska Bank of Fairbanks. The interior of Alaska had no banks at this time, and gold miners were anxious to trade their finds for federal currency. To get to Fairbanks, Parsons traveled 500 miles by dogsled with 100,000 in currency. He successfully started a credit company, and within a few months his bank had deposits of more than 2 million. Parsons purchased the residence upon his final return to Seattle. He continued to work in the banking industry, serving as vice-president and then president of Dexter Horton National Bank. He remained with the bank through its merger with First National Bank and Seattle National Bank.

In Your Office or Workplace

The COYou2 reduce and gain program supports employees' investments in measures that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in relation to mobility, heating and electrical energy. Such measures, which vary according to regional circumstances and preferences, include low-emission hybrid cars, use of public transport and the installation of solar panels or heat pumps. From now until the end of 2011, Swiss Re plans to rebate each employee one-half of the amounts invested in these measures, up to a maximum per employee of 5,000 Swiss francs (about 4,000) or the equivalent in local currency.

Question what does the environments for quality care questionnaire demonstrate about existing facilities

The questions reflect the philosophies that were common currency a decade ago. As a self-appraisal system designed to give doctors a quick review of how their surgery performed, in their eyes, it served a valuable purpose. However, it is disappointing that NHS Estates did not collate any of the information and therefore no statistical results have been published. The results of the surveys on a group of surgeries

Circuits and Currencies of Urban Development

In the wake of the IPOs, new media stock options became a form of currency, used to purchase stakes in other firms and to compensate employees, landlords, and other service providers. Some firms made charitable donations in stock. Along with the IPOs, Silicon Valley models of compensation for employees and business services helped establish the liquidity or exchangeability of these options. When Wall Street and corporations began to use large salaries to woo technical workers, many new media firms turned to stock options, a Silicon Valley tactic, to recruit or retain talent. It was thought that IPOs would be critical for establishing the value of the new currency, as is graphically illustrated in comments made by iVillage's founder the year before it enjoyed a spectacular IPO A series of successful IPOs would be good for Silicon Alley . . . no one here has a next-door neighbor who hit it big . . . New York needs the kind of culture Silicon Valley has . . . that believes that options...

Atectonic fabrications suding surfaces

The fabric analogy for architectural cladding had wide currency in Austrian and German architecture in the early years of the twentieth century. While Otto Wagner, Josef Hoffmann, and Max Fabiani drew on the teachings of Gottfried Semper for this analogy, each interpreted it differently. The complexity of the topic is revealed in these differences.1 In Hoffmann's Palais Stoclet (1911), for example, the application of moldings around the edges of the stone cladding reinforces the planar quality of the material. The facade, made of brick and faced with sheets of white Turili marble, resists a three-dimensional reading as a tectonic mass. Eduard Sekler has described these non-load-bearing marble surfaces as atectonic.2 The interior of the house is also clad with thin sheets of materials that conceal structural elements such as columns, beams, piers, or arches, resulting in surface planarity. On the exterior, the impression of thinness is strengthened by the placement of windows flush...

Pioneering Finnish Modernism

The qualified enthusiasm about Finland with which the British traveller Mrs Alec Tweedie wrote in Through Finland in Carts was to pre-empt the debate on the primitive and the Picturesque. This duality was to parallel the way in which early Modernism began to transform and socialize a country not yet independent. Preparations had been put in place earlier in the nineteenth century as part of the Russian empire. With unusual autonomy under the Russians - Finland already had its own Diet (assembly), its own army and its own unit of currency, the markka - such infrastructure could not fail to influence the country's political and economic life and the process of modernization.2 That the Russian empire proved somewhat unpredictable obviously had its advantages in 1863 Czar Alexander ii had made Finnish an official language of administration and legal proceedings. Finnish institutions followed. The Sculpture School, later known as the University of Art and Design, was founded in 1871. The...

The Implications for Urban Theory

Meanwhile, the enterprise itself is becoming networked, its constituent parts coupled not by geographical proximity but by information technology. Perceptions of time and space thus become warped, and the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds become increasingly fuzzy. The nationstate itself loses much of its power as it becomes increasingly unable to control the economic activity within its borders, thanks to the multinationals and the currency markets. Politicians who rely on the mass media, particularly television, to get their message across find themselves the stars in virtual reality political soap operas, as in the Clinton impeachment saga and the 2000 American presidential election. While the fortunes of nation-states and their leaders decline, those of regional organizations are on the rise, as nation-states trade a degree of autonomy for longer-term stability. And as the economic and political structures of the twentieth-century world break down, religious, ethnic,...

First Avantgarde From The Painters Studio To The Banks Of The Seine

The military term 'avant garde' denotes a small force ahead of an army. It gained currency in the Napoleonic period as Bonaparte evolved dynamic and innovative military tactics. Its use in art denotes a small group of artists ahead of the mass of society, who foresee society's future development and, instru-mentally, lead society towards it. The avant-garde occupies a location paradoxically both inside and outside the wider society it seeks to represent the condition of society as it is, devising an appropriate visual language for the purpose and it sees ahead, as if having a vantage point on high ground or looking to the future (and at the present) from a belvedere. Returning to The Studio, the studio space it shows is not a place but a time tomorrow, as foreseen in Fourier's utopian text. This brings the argument back to the avant-garde's role in spreading new ideas and thereby bringing nearer the realisation of the hopes those ideas carry. But if art represents the future as well...

A trajectory of risk consciousness

Ironically this raises a further paradox, as the science that now allows us to assess and calculate risk is the science that we blame for causing risk in the first place. The capacity to absorb the speed of change is difficult, which is why the notion of the precautionary principle has gained currency. That principle suggests we are not merely concerned about risk but are also suspicious of finding solutions. It is best not to take a new risk unless all outcomes can be understood in advance. Judgement remains the key in deciding where to act with caution and where to give leeway for experiment.

Retail sales and exhibitions

As every unit of currency spent within the stadium perimeter will contribute to the financial viability of the stadium as a whole, it is in the interest of management to exploit this profit-making opportunity to the full an enticing variety of retail outlets in and around the stadium should be a vital part of every design or management brief.

Online Consumer Circuits

Sumers that will bring in enough revenue to sustain the endeavor. Experiences of Silicon Alley's national contenders suggest that the creation of online circuits hinges on issues of user identity, interaction, and information. Of particular importance for power relations is the question of how information - for consumers and about them - is turned into a currency for online consumer circuits.

An other architect

Architectural discourse usually focuses on the individual project and ignores the terms that frame discussion. The most essential subject is often the least discussed but its absence can be painfully visible. The major currency in contemporary architecture is the image, the photograph not the building. Two-thirds of the city of Los Angeles is covered in roads. The photograph occupies an equivalent position of importance within architecture. The architectural photograph has two contradictory roles. First, to present architecture as a higher form of cultural production to defend and promote the class it represents and, second, to further architecture's absorption into consumer culture. The combination of these two demands reduces the architectural magazine to the level of a travel brochure. Photographs in architectural magazines all have similar characteristics. The profusion of blue skies and balmy weather turn the shiny pages of the magazine into a sanatorium in which the architect is...

Germain Boffrand

The decade of the 1750s began a period of architectural experimentation in which many of the academic rules, canons, and forms established over the preceding century were openly reconsidered. For the idea of character, the starting point in terms of classical theory was the treatise of Germain Boffrand, perhaps the most important French architect of the first half of the eighteenth century. Born in the era of Perrault and Blondel, he was a student of Jules Hardouin Mansart in the 1690s, where he learned the highly ornate, rococo style first used at Versailles. Likewise, his chateaux and Parisian residences of the first half of the eighteenth century were renowned for their elaborate interiors. In the 1740s, as Boffrand was withdrawing from practice, he began assembling a monograph of his designs, which he prefaced with an essay entitled ''Principles Derived from Horace's Art of Poetry.'' It was based on a lecture he had presented to Royal Academy in 1734, and in it he - like Le Brun...

Numismatic Dating

However, in 1252 a.d. hill-scale golden coinage is allegedly resurrected in Rome all of a sudden, which becomes international currency over a very short period of time, chasing the Byzantine coinage off the market ( 1070 ). This sudden appearance of Italian gold coinage in the XIII century is considered to be a dramatic change of the situation prevailing for the first half of the mediaeval period ( 1070 , pages 20-21). However, most probably, no such dramatic occurrences really took place. What we appear to witness here is more likely the real naissance of European coinage in the XIII-XIV century as a result of serious changes that happened in the life of Western Europe. See more about the nature of these changes in Chron5.

Wake up call

Dunster constantly draws parallels between BedZED and the adjacent development, the likes of which he sees as obsolete. Here he plays developers at their own game, adopting their language and their currency - that of economy. Through an integrated approach, BedZED provides the same dwelling density as the adjacent speculative development, but with a 35 per cent increase in space allowance. This in turn provides valuable revenue earning benefits in the form of additional live-work units, and community facilities such as surgery, a community hall and a bar. It also results in a vastly improved public realm, with a reduction in naked tarmac and virtually no unused (and therefore unloved) residual space. This is a principle that Dunster describes as using planning gain to facilitate carbon trading. In other words, not only does mixed use bring the social and environmental benefits of a

Social Issues

In the past sons inherited their father's profession, but today most new generations start their careers independently of their family's tradition in a certain profession. This, of course, endangered traditional crafts including those related to architecture and building construction. Another factor that resulted from new generations leaving the family house is the feeling of financial independence. In the past, the grandfather or the father in the traditional house had the upper hand in deciding all financial matters. Adult sons now sometimes cannot accept this and accordingly it can lead to family conflict. The major obstacle that hinders many young people from leaving the family house is the high cost of building or buying a new house. Many who have stayed in Yemen and have not had access to foreign currency incomes (e.g. working in the Gulf countries or supported by relatives there) cannot afford to buy or build a house.


Television and the Internet have been with us for some time, but combined with the access that convenient global travel provides us with, their real impact is only now starting to be seen. There is a growing sense of 'the world' as a single entity, and sport is becoming the common social currency that, everyone, everywhere, can trade in and understand.


Vertreter may lie Translated as agent or representative, but Randtnann a bo uses the term Sl ilpsni ffey, which carries a strong sense of personal ''deputy and even flstand-in or proxy. This is another word that Handmann extends in a metaphorical sense to inanimate, specifically architectural. objects. While the viccroy is not the kin , he stands for I he king and carries all the king s authority and c uasi-sacreu prestige. In a similar fashion, Romans.saluted the emperor's portrait as if it were his real presence, and the emperors portrait led his troops into battle, hi is physicEtl likeness on coins guaranteed their value. Even today in many countries, a photograph ol he head of state on the wall of a government office proclaims that the civil servants spe ik with he states voice. The deputising agent need not always be physical likeness. The throne represents the king's ruling presence even when it is empty the palace represents the monarch even when unoccupied. Most United States...


I use the suffix -scape in soundscape, smellscape and mindscape as I would in landscape. I want to convey the fluid panorama of perceptions. Building on the ideas of Arjun Appadurai,10 each scape is a perspective depending on the situation of those navigating their way within it and on how they view these scapes, how they perceive and act upon them. These are the shifting and fuzzy ways and shapes within which we construct our world and views about it. Appadurai defines further scapes which, while they need not detain us here for long, are useful background tools for understanding difficult areas. They include the ideoscape, the linking together and valuing of ideas, terms and images, especially the Enlightenment worldview and its master concept, democracy, as well as freedom, welfare, rights, sovereignty and representation, around which political and economic discourses in the West revolve the ethnoscape, the fluid and shifting landscape of tourists, immigrants, exiles and other...

General Introduction

I begin with a brief rationale for the book. This needs to go beyond reasons for writing such as the clarification of my own ideas or publication of my own research. Those are both necessary motivations for the writer, but I hope the book will contribute to debates on urban issues during the first decade of the twenty-first century. In particular, I hope it will illuminate what certain kinds of cultural practices contribute, not only reflectively, but in actively shaping the agendas of future urban development and change. The agendas are shaped already by contexts such as climate change and globalisation, yet it seems important that criticism should be not only reactive to such contexts, but also informed by alternatives to the scenarios of the present situation. It seems, too, that much of what has been published in urban studies, cultural and urban geographies, and cultural policy emphasises the role of cultural institutions in urban regeneration while ignoring more radical forms of...

Data Fountain

The Data Fountain is a prototype for the translation of real-time relative and comparative information into a fountain.Three fountain jets, placed against a backdrop of different currency symbols, measure the relative values and fluctuations of each currency through the intensity of water flow. Currency data is retrieved from an online source and is updated every 5 sec. The greatest challenge of the Data Fountain was determining the algorithm for relating the relative values of the currency in a way that would conform to the physical range of the jets and provide a visually intriguing display. The defined algorithm displays the longer-term relative development of currency rates with the more constant height and micro-fluctuations with temporary exaggerated jumps and drops.

City of Circuits

Some might tell the story of Silicon Alley in terms of the anarchy of markets (for stocks and real estate) and how this results in local incoherence. However, it is because neither capital nor cultural images circulate freely in cities that some embedded actors have exercised power in making new media spaces. Venture capitalists and real estate interests have mobilized power through their ability to create and link circuits and convert currencies. Silicon Alley venture capitalists connected external circuits of capital with localized new media circuits, and then with an IPO circuit in the stock market. Their currency was smart money capital with a reputation due to its linkages with insider networks and information. Real estate interests have linked new media industry circuits with a new circuit of revalorized commercial property through using wired space as a currency. The value of these infrastructural upgrades is boosted by subsidies that signal public support and promote new media...

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