Cautionary Note On Safety

While excavating and throughout the building process, maintain a tidy work site. This not only makes the work go more smoothly, it provides a degree of safety for yourself and anybody helping. Construction sites are notorious for incidents of minor and serious injury. Each day's work should include careful examination of the jobsite for potential hazards. Take the necessary precautions to ensure a safe, happy worksite. Nothing puts a bigger damper on a fun, cooperative project like a trip to the emergency room.

you the approximate location of the exterior walls. Make this circle big enough to work around comfortably, especially if you are installing rigid insulation below grade. Extra space is easily backfilled later, once the bag work is brought up to grade level. Using powdered lime, chalk, or some other non-toxic marking material, draw a complete circle on the ground as you rotate the tautly stretched chain in a full circle.

When beginning the excavation, remove the top-soil and set it aside to be used later for a living roof or landscaping. This soil is full of microorganisms, weed seeds, and a host of organic matter that is unsuitable for putting inside the bags. Humus belongs in the garden, not in the walls of your home. This topsoil can be anywhere from nonexistent to eight inches (20 cm) or more thick, depending on your location.

Remove the remaining soil from the building site to the desired depth. Perform tests on this soil (described in Chapter 2) to determine its suitability for use in the bags or, later, as a component of an earthen plaster, depending on its clay content. Separate and pile usable building and plaster soils in convenient locations. Pre-wet the building soil to optimal moisture content and cover with a tarp to protect from rain, sun, and windblown debris.


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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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