Circle Within a Square

You may also put a square roof on a round building. When using dimensional lumber or pre-manufactured products, it may be the most efficient way to roof a round building. Place posts in a square around the exterior of the round walls. Connect them over the top of the walls with beams. Run two logs side-by-side across the center of the circle and add one log on the top of the first two. Strap down the logs. Extend rafters from on top of the center log out over the rectilinear beams (Fig. 9.26).

As an alternative, omit the center logs and run trusses across the whole width. Infill all the gaps in between rafters with a final row of bags and barbed wire. Sheathe however you prefer.

Multiple round spaces and free-form walls can also be covered using rectilinear roofing strategies (Fig. 9.27).

Adapt to suit your needs, taste, and climate. Let your imagination run wild!

9.26: Low profile square roof supported on exterior post and beam framework with optional straw bale "living roof."

free form walls covered with a rectalinear gable roof top view free form walls covered with a rectalinear gable roof top view

9.27: Exterior post and beam structure provides interesting outdoor, protected living spaces.

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