Note On Gusseted Bags

Although it is unnecessary to diddle a gus-seted bag, we still like to hand-pack the corners with our fists after the first few cans of dirt to ensure that the corners get filled. For the installation of any exposed end, corner, or buttress bag, turn the bag inside out to create a clean, seamless, boxy surface. All other procedures are the same for a gusseted bag as any other type of bag.


Pressing with your hands, firm the dirt in the top of the bag. Then fold the top of the bag snugly, like an envelope, (Fig. 6.11) and pin it shut with a nail (Fig. 6.12).

Lay the bag down onto the foundation two inches (5 cm) in from desired location of the finished wall, as the bag will expand when later tamped from above (Fig. 6.13).

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