Attaching into an Earthbag Wall After Building is Completed

After a few weeks to months of curing, a good quality rammed earth soil will hold nails pretty well. For more serious anchorage, drill holes with a masonry bit and tap in a plastic or metal sleeve (bolt anchor) designed for concrete and masonry walls. If the soil is poor quality, squeeze some concrete glue into the hole prior to tapping in the sleeve, let the glue cure, then screw or bolt into it. For anchoring heavy stuff, stick with the Velcro plate strategy.

secure shelves with plaster construct deep set shelving using forms —just like windows

— cover exterior of back wall with heavy gauge chicken wire

— reinforce with cob or straw/clay, etc. Seal with plaster nails driven into bag wall provide anchorage for cob

nails driven into bag wall provide anchorage for cob

7.15: While we're at it, we might as well use our arch forms to sculpt furniture out of cob.


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