Casein Stabilized Earthen Grout

We used a red clay/washed sand casein-binder grout mix to fill the voids between the randomly set tiles and stone in the floor of the Honey House dome. The morning we entered the dome to seal the floor with hot linseed oil, we were shocked to discover seven inches (17.5 cm) of red, muddy water floating in it. There had been a flash flood the night before that had traveled across our property and poured into the dome.

16.8: Mud-mortared flagstone and antique Malibu tiles grace the floor of the Honey House dome.

What impressed us was how well the casein-stabilized grout resisted water penetration, even after sitting overnight. We bailed and sponged out the water and found the grout was a little soft for the first eighth of an inch (0.3 cm) or so, but underneath was solid. If not for the casein, the water would have soaked right through into our straw/clay insulated sub-floor.

A full recipe for making casein binder for a variety of applications can be found in Chapter 15 under the sub-section entitled "Additives".

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