Designing for Future Additions

It is possible to saw through an earthbag wall using masonry bits and to knock out chunks of the wall with a sledgehammer. The barbed wire will, of course, need to be cut. The opening, however, will be rough and there won't be any strip anchors in place in which to bolt a doorjamb (Fig. 8.15).

It's easiest to install a doorway during the initial construction and fill it temporarily with stacked straw bales and light straw/clay, or cob, or earthbags filled with a loose material or dry sand. Protected by an earthen plaster, you'll have your hole for a future addition, and a wall for current living. Stay in the moment, but think ahead! (Fig. 8.16).

8.14: Arched doors need to be hinged near the edge of the opening so that they can open without banging into the arch above them.


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