Directions for a Dome With a Grade Level Floor

If you use a rubble trench or some other foundation system in order to have a floor at ground level, you will begin your bag work on this foundation (Fig. 12.34).

Build the stem wall and place any door forms for this structure as described previously. You will probably want to install your window box forms 28-30 inches (70-75 cm) above the floor level, or at about normal counter height.

Use 100-lb. bags, or way-too-big bags, or two rows of 50-lb. bags side-by-side as a vertical wall up to the height at which the window box forms will be installed. Set up your box forms and anchor them in with one more row of bags. At this point begin your springline, and switch to single width 50-lb. bags or equivalent width tubes. Continue to integrate the 100-lb. or way-too-big bags around the door and window forms, as described earlier, for extra bulk around the openings (Fig. 12.35).

12.34: Use a string compass to designate interior and exterior of foundation trench. Trench style foundation for a grade-built dome, include trench work for any buttressing. Fill entire trench with rubble rock and gravel up to or just below grade.

12.35: Grade-level dome.

window-arch box forms

20" wide- bags door arch .form/

12.35: Grade-level dome.

window-arch box forms

20" wide- bags

door arch .form/

You can also include buttressing, if you intend a sculpted gutter system. In other words, whatever it takes to provide ample mass at the perimeter of the walls, so that you can safely begin the springline two feet (0.6 m) or so higher than grade level. Continue all bag/tube work as described in this chapter to complete the dome.

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