Drawings for the Honey House

(Refer to Chapter 11 for detailed explanations on making architectural drawings for domes.)

The first drawing we made was an "elevation" sketch. This is essentially a cross-sectional drawing of the height and width and shape of the dome with foundation details and floor level indicated (Fig. 12.2).

This shape closely resembles a catenary-shaped arch (see Chapter 10 for more about arch shapes).

The second drawing is called the "floor plan." This is a horizontal cross-section showing the thickness of the walls with any buttressing included.

This plan also shows window and door placement and sufficient wall space between these openings (Fig. 12.3).

12.1: Corbelling simulation test done on the ground with 15-inch working-width tubes. Get a feel for the corbelling technique and test the behavior of your soil.

door arch form

Drawing Earthbag Plan

100 lb. bags y way too big bags temP°rary sandbag support for box form

12.2: Elevation drawing depicts below-ground foundation, internal dimensions, and compass profile.

drawing showing below-gradefloor Level — interior dimensions — bags plus tube sizes — profile of box forms — and location of springline

Please note: vaulted entry to the Honey House is in dynamics of an arch.

door arch form

100 lb. bags y way too big bags temP°rary sandbag support for box form

50 lb. bags

Include a third drawing of any electrical, plumbing, shelving attachments, or extended eave details that will be installed in the proposed dome.

Once these drawings are completed, you will have a better idea of what the dome will look like and what it will require. Sometimes, though, it may still be difficult to picture what the finished project will look like. If this is the case, consider building a clay model of the proposed structure.

Table With Chairs Diagram
12.3: Top view of building shows buttressing placement and door and window box forms.

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