Evolution of the Bag Stand

The bag stand holds the bag open in place on the wall freeing up both hands while you fill it. For us, the bag stand has evolved from the open-ended sheetrock bucket to our current favorite: a collapsible, lightweight, weld-free metal bag stand. We discovered the collapsible bag stand idea on a remote island in the Bahamas while scavenging for materials with which to build forms and tools. Rummaging through an abandoned, hurricane ravaged restaurant, Doni found a plastic food-serving tray stand. Turned upside down and trimmed, it was a perfect fit for the 100-lb. bags we were using to build Carol Escott's and Steve Kemble's Sand Castle on Rum Cay. Now we make our own simple, weld-free collapsible bag stand from common one-half-inch (1.25 cm) or three-quarter-inch (1.875 cm) flat-stock steel. A drill is the only tool required for drilling the pivot holes for the nut and bolt to go through.

3.2: Evolutionary variety of bag stands.

Left to right: collapsible wood; welded rigid metal; and our favorite, weld-free collapsible.

3.3: A perfectly "diddled" bag.

Along the evolutionary path, we developed the rigid, welded, metal bag stand, which requires some skill and access to welding equipment. Wooden bag stands are another option, but end up being more bulky and less sturdy in the long run (Fig. 3.2). (Refer to Appendix A for directions on building both types of metal bag stands).

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