Hard Assing

The first bag in any exposed end wall, corners, or buttress gets hard-assed. This procedure of pre-tamping the bottom of this bag results in hard blocky end walls that resist slumping when later rammed from above (Fig. 6.7).

6.7: Hard-assing with a quarter pounder.

6.7: Hard-assing with a quarter pounder.

Using a quarter pounder, tamp the soil straight down the middle of the bag. There's no need to tamp the full width of the bag. Just down the center will do (Fig. 6.8).

Add two cans of soil at a time and alternate tamping and filling until you have tamped the soil to 10-12 inches (25-30 cm) high (Fig 6.9).

Ditch the tamper and continue filling the bag until the soil is six inches (15 cm) from the top of the bag.

Remove the bag stand (Fig 6.10).

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