How to Make Your Own Collapsible Bag Stand

Cut %-inch (1.25 cm) or %-inch (1.875 cm) wide by 1/8-inch (0.3 cm) thick flat metal stock to the appropriate length for the size bags you will be using. (When measuring the lay-flat width of a gusseted bag, be sure to open the folds to get the actual width of the bag.) For example: For a 17-inch (42.5 cm) wide by 30-inch (75 cm) long 50-lb. bag (laid flat), cut two pieces of flat metal stock about 80 inches (200 cm) long each. Mark the center point of the metal (Fig. A.3).

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Measure the bottom width of the bag stand from the center point and mark it. Then measure the length of the legs from the marks indicating the bottom width of the bag stand. Mark these two points. The remaining eight inches (20 cm) at the ends will become the top of the bag stand including about three inches (7.5 cm) on each end for overlap (Fig.A.4).

Clamp the metal stock at the inside of the marks closest to the ends first (Fig. A.5)

Bend each end up at a strong 90° angle (Fig.

Now place the clamps inside the designated marks on the metal stock and bend them up at a strong 90° angle (Fig. A.7).

To find the pivot point, measure up from the bottom, half the height and add two to three inches (5 cm-7.5 cm). Mark it. This is done so that when the stand is operating, the bottom is wider than the top (Fig. A.9).

Drill a hole at this mark with a bit sized for a #10, %-inch (1.875 cm) long, slotted head machine screw for the %-inch (1.25 cm) wide metal stock and/or a larger hex head bolt for the %-inch (1.875 cm) wide metal stock (Fig. A.10).

Paint the metal to help keep it rust free (Fig. A.11).

Place one metal frame inside the other. Connect the two frames at the pivot point by inserting the machine screw with the slotted head to the inside of the frame. Place a washer in between the two legs. Fasten an appropriate-size stop nut (a nut with nylon bushing inside of it) onto the end of the machine screw. Tighten with a screwdriver and a wrench

To adjust the top width of the stand, overlap the ends until the width is about six to eight inches (15-20 cm) narrower than the lay flat width of the bag. The narrower the top of the bag stand is adjusted, the wider it will be able to spread open. Tape the overlap together with duct tape to a width that will create an opening that a #10 coffee-can will easily fill (a seven to eight inch [17.5-20 cm] spread is usually ideal) (Fig. A.13).

For added convenience during construction, mark each side of one of the legs on the bag stand with one inch (2.5 cm) measurements. Holding a square upright next to the open bag stand will help make the measurements accurate (Fig. A.14).

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