Laying a Coil

To lay a tube or, to be more romantic, lay a coil, hold the chute in a way that you can control the slow release of the tubing as your partner is filling it. Did we mention that it works better as a two-person job? That's because it really works best as a three-person job. For the most efficient use of your body and time, laying coils is most easily managed with a three-person team (Fig. 3.29).

At a low wall level, two people and several strategically placed wheelbarrows of dirt can manage just fine. For taller walls and domes, three people are needed. Oh, you can fill a tube by yourself by doing the job of all three people - tossing in dirt, jiggling it down the tube over and over, back and forth, climbing up and down the wall as it gets taller. Personally, if I had to do the work by myself, I'd use bags so I could free my

3.29: The person holding the chute is the "walking bag stand," while the "tube loader" fills the chute and the third person delivers dirt and feeds cans to the loader.

3.30: Tube work is integrated with the fan bags forming an arched opening, rather than taking the place of fan bags.

hands or I would wait until I had the money to hire a couple of people to help me. The beauty of this technique is that it doesn't take a college graduate to hand you a can of dirt. Spread the knowledge by paying for the help of unskilled labor to learn a new skill.

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