Lime Water

When pre-moistening an earthen wall surface prior to applying a lime render, it is advisable to use water that has been treated with a small percentage of lime. This allows the carbonation process to occur in the outer clay surface of the wall, creating a chemical bond between the earthen substrate and the lime plaster.

As lime putty settles, the clear water on the top is known as limewater. A clear layer of calcite crystals forms on the surface. Simply stated, limewater is a

14.17: One-hundred-year-old adobe house protected with a coarse coat of lime plaster.

saturated solution of calcium hydroxide in water. The easiest way to obtain limewater for prepping wall surfaces is to use the water that sits directly on top of lime putty. Nothing more needs to be added or done to it. Remember to add a little water to the top of your lime putty to replace what is used. If your putty has no water on top (uh, oh!) a few tablespoons of putty mixed with a gallon (3.75 lires) of clean water is sufficient to make limewater.

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