Lock the Diddles

After an entire row is laid it is time to tamp. But wait! First lock the diddles on any hard-ass bags that may be exposed. Push a nail into the side of the bottom edge of the bag until it pokes out alongside the bottom seam of the bag (Fig. 6.20).

Catch a piece of the seam of the bag and gently wrench the nail around until the point is facing in the opposite direction. It will feel tight and may stress the fabric. Adjust tension to avoid tearing the bag (Fig. 6.21).

Hammer the nail in this opposite direction. It should feel tight enough that you will need a hammer to drive it in (Fig. 6.22). Do this in both bottom corners. That's it!

Locking the diddles on exposed hard-ass bags ensures block-like well-compacted ends that stay put (Fig. 6.23).

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