Mud Mortared Stone or Saltillo Tile

If you want to have stone or tile as part of a finish level, proceed as explained for the initial two layers: the gravel followed by the insulative layer. When that is completely dry, mix up a batch similar to the described final layer. Rather than spreading and leveling it, plop it into place where you want the stone or tile to go. Work the stone or tile into the mud mix so that it remains at least a quarter-inch (0.625 cm) above the level of the mud mortar. Level the stone and then plop on more mortar and your next stone. Level this stone or tile with the last one, and continue as above. Sometimes the use of a rubber mallet helps persuade a stone to settle into the mud mortar better.

As you get further from your original stone or tile, it becomes necessary to level the succeeding ones in all directions to obtain a level surface. Once all of your stone and/or tile is set in place and level, allow it to dry completely before continuing to the next phase: the grout.

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