Pre Diddled Bags

Gusseted bags are factory pre-diddled grain bags. It's funny how things work out. Never underestimate the power of good public relations. Kaki sent photos of the Honey House to our bag broker and he sent us some gusseted bags to play with. He said, "The

3.5: Results of a perfectly diddled bag meet FQSS approval.

3.6: Inside-out gusseted bag on top of a diddled and locked bag. With the introduction of gusseted bags, diddling may become a lost art.

grain bag industry has been experimenting with gusseted' square bottom bags to reduce stacked bags from shifting on pallets. It might work better for you guys, too."

Of course we save time spent from all that diddling, but we still hand pack the corners and bottoms of the bags to firm them up for a nice tight fit. We also like to turn the gusseted bags inside out for any exposed ends, like a buttress or corner. The bottom fabric is tight and smooth, a great surface for plaster. (For more on gusseted bags, refer to Chapter 2).

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