Strip Anchors

Installing strip anchors during wall building will provide a solid wood attachment for bolting doorjambs, certain types of windows, cabinetry, and intersecting stud-frame walls (Fig. 6.49). Add strip anchors as often as every three to four rows or as needed. Four evenly spaced strip anchors on each side of a door opening is sufficient for bolting most doorjambs onto them.

Push the two-by-four solid wood part of the anchor flush against the form. Velcro the plywood strip part of the anchor by hammering three-inch (7.5 cm) long nails through it into the tamped bag below. Make sure to pre-trim the strip anchors to conform to the shape of a curved wall (Fig. 6.50).

The barbed wire can now be laid on top of the strip anchor and the bag work can continue as usual. When installing a bag against forms directly on top of a strip anchor, it is usually unnecessary to hard-ass the bag as the strip anchor will take up too much space.

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