Stucco Wire Plastic Mesh Installation

The simplest way to install stucco mesh is to tack it up along its vertical edge onto the wall and unroll it across the whole surface of the wall. Stretch it tight as you go and tack with 2-2^-inch (5 cm-6.25 cm) galvanized roofing nails into the surface of the bags. A good quality, cured rammed-earth soil will hold nails — even bend them in some places. If, however, the soil is soft, then you will have to rely on tie wires that you hopefully installed during wall construction, based on the results from your preliminary soil tests (Fig. 14.20).

We go ahead and stretch the wire over the entire wall, including any windows and doors, then cinch it tight and tack it down. The mesh should be snug, but not so tight that the wire is sucked too deep in between the bags. Try to keep it flush with the protruding surface of the bags over the whole wall area. Then twist the wires tight to take up any slack. For esthetic appeal, you may want to soften any inside corners by rounding them out with the wire mesh.

Since our main focus is on the use of natural materials, and less cement, we will refrain here from describing how to mix and apply cement onto an earthbag building. The general process of mixing and applying cement is covered very extensively in trade

14.20: Carol Escott cinches up chicken wire with a combination of tie wires and nails. Photo Credit: Sustainable Systems Support.

journals and books by cement proponents, who know and enjoy the medium more than we.

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