Particle size distribution

This soil property is related to the liquefaction of saturated cohesionless soils as discussed in Section 5.2.2. As the test for its determination is a standard laboratory procedure, it

Table 3.3 List of the best field and laboratory tests related to the evaluation of the seismic response of soils

Field determinations and tests

Soil distribution and layer depth Depth to bedrock Groundwater conditions Penetration resistance Shear-wave velocity Fundamental period of soil

Related to

Response calculations

Response calculations

Response calculations and liquefaction

Settlement and liquefaction

Shear modulus

Response calculations

Laboratory tests

Particle size distribution Relative density Cyclic triaxial Resonant column Unit mass


Liquefaction and settlement Shear modulus and damping Shear modulus Response calculations will not be described here. Although a number of classifications of grain size and standard sieves exist, correlations are straightforward, so that use of any scale of sizes can easily be applied in studies such as those for liquefaction potential.

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