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Vertical Visions



1 The contractor shall provide and leave in place until bracing elements are constructed. Such temporary bracing as is necessary to stabilise the structure during erection.

2 All workmanship and materials shall be in accordance with A S 4100

3 Welding shall be performed by an accicdited operation in accordance with A S.1554, electrode E48XX or WS8X to be used.

4 The ends of all tubular members are to be sealed with normal thickness plates and continuous fillet weld UNO

5 All RHS and CHS members are to be grade 350 MPa UNO All other steel to be grade 250 MPa

6 Except where otherwise shown welds to be 6 mm continuous fillet

7 All bolts, nuts and washers to be galvanised

8 Bolt type 4 6/5 - commercial bolts ol strength grade 4 6 to AS 1111

Nicola Turn

Nicola Turn

The client, the Chuang's Group, a Hong Kon public listed company (the Malaysian branch of 8 which is called Malvlew Sdn Bhd) inherited Yoan from the previous client The site in fact had three different owners before the current design was formalised. The Chuang's Croup wanted a pre-,tigiou building that would give them value for money maximum rentable space - and a strong corporate image, which they believed would most successfully be achieved with a 'hi-tech' look. Yeang relates the tale of seeing the client in Hong Kong, and being told, as they gazed out of the window at Norman Foster's landmark Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank "I want something like that". Yeang is not used to being dictated to by his clients His philosophy is t0 ask the client for "the budget and the total area, and leave the architecture to me". But the image of Foster's bank appealed to him, and the strong visual line of the cross-bracing on the east and west facades, and the high quality of detailing both inside and out. reflect the Hong Kong example

However, the bracing is more than a nod to 'Western' precedents, and is fundamental to the structure of the tower. In order to increase the size of the floor plates and provide a column-free interior a hypothetical middle row of structural columns of reinforced concrete were omitted. The brace therefore compensates for this and prevents the tower from swaying. Most high-rise buildings throughout Malaysia are still concrete - as opposed to steel - frame, due to the availability and therefore expense of steel, although this is slowly changing Central Plaza is no exception, and is clad in solid aluminum panels, tinted a distinctive rose colour using fluorocarbon paint. The glazing is tinted to match. The structural frame continues beyond the roofline of the tower, with the theoretical provision for expansion - although this would be highly unlikely, given the expense required to create and service what would probably only amount to one more floor. Two characteristic Yeang spikes complete the frame - strictly decoration only. The roof is occupied by a swimming pool, which sits on the concrete slabs like a giant ice-bucket, clad in slate tiles, and reached via a curved steel staircase The cleaning track around the circumference of the pool doubles as a bench. Palm trees contribute to the feeling of escapism ... ^ y



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