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owner Gamuda Berhad location Kota Kemunmg Business Part.

Shah Alam, Malaysia latitude 3 2°N

nos of storeys 10 storeys date start 1996

completion date pending areas Total gross area 31.S00 sq m

Site area 12,145 sq m plot ratio 1:2.6

design features

The focus of the new HQ budding is the visually e«>tmg eflipbcal atrium created by the two curved wings of the office tower

' The office floors are raised 12 metres above the ground plane to aftow this public atnum space to blend into the extensive ground level water and tropical garden system which continues through the business park. This central space is visible from all floors

• A sculptural roof structure screens the atnum from the rain while allowing natural light in to promote the growth of a garden oasis within.

• The design of the building also takes advantage of the prevailing winds to naturally ventilate the atnum space and the building's skycourts to create an environment that is both pleasant and soothing

• Sensitive attention is paid to the landscaping not only at ground level but in the building itself through the generous provision of lush green skycourts »'evated garden t»--ices and roof gardens.

• Sunscreens and so'i- filters are strategica s rcorporated into the design of the building to minimize the heat gain from the sun thereby reducing energy costs The building is designed as a passive low-energy building in response to the United Nations' agenda for sustainable buildings

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- i *-» nr. öec - tew Je of rf* «md tunnel te« report. The maiarn um «tj( 4 0 «au I?I <or kxjtnr 89

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