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owner Malvlrw Sdn Bhd, «ubtldlafy of C Huang'» Group, public lilted company (Hong Kong)

location M Sultan Ismail, I umpur, Malaysia (Kuala I umpur's "Golden Triangle Area")

latitude ) 7" N not of »torey» 2/ '.lorry. ■(Including 1/2 l«vel basement) date start 1992 (June) completion date 1996 (June) areas

TotaJ net area 17,099 sq m Service area 5,2/2 sq m Gross area 22,371 sq m Carpark (134 bays) 13,121 sq m built-up area 57,863 sq m site area 2,982 sq m plot ratio 1:7.5

design features • Thr typical older floor In thi wain lliirr I,ill building It to be column-free (a1, a marketing ie<|un<-nient ol the client) in enable I hit, structural trots bracing Is provided at the end column« ol the east and west facades

• Vertical planting steps up diagonally along thr north (ace ol the building up to thr pool-side nt the lup ol building

• A systrm ol louvres and balconies air located on the hoi west facade

• rhe tore, which consists ol the lilt lobby, stairways and lollets, has natural ventilation and natural lighting

• A curved fully glitted curtain-wall on the north face gives an uninterrupted view uf tlir distant hills (ir Ampang)

As this face does not receive direct solar Insolation, its sunshade Irrr elevation becomes a loim of geoguphlcal Indication of the northerly dlrrctlon

• The east and west glazing of the building are recessed from the structure for sun-shading

• I he escape stain ,ise Is an 'open to thr sky' staircase

• rhe main staircase Is naturally ventilated

• The lollets .lie naturally ventilated

• I he east wall has balconies as sun shading

• rhe lilt lobbies are paillally naturally ventilated

• rhe ground llunr lobby Is naturally ventilated structural system • Reinforced concrrtr .trucfural frame with prestirssed beams, brick - In - till external »kin • Laminated float glass

• solid aluminium cladding roofing • RC slab on roof terrace finishes • Granite on lobby lloor and walls

• Glass to entrance canopy

• Plaster and paint to internal walls

• Ceramic tiles to wel areas

• Mineral hbie board to office ceilings

• Fibrous plaster to lobby ceilings height comparison with the Hoeing /47

centi .ll


< iroulallon /l)M •«ivH» /oii« <>i««n Camnunil /wi« i iinmlii Buffer Jrtii»

(»p.rlm.nUl Mnpplng ol V.HIcíI U.baii Ootlg» LanduM MippInR «>' C 1 K Hamiah <1 Vean« •»'» Blld (2001)

central toro >(illl core mid coro atrlum core lonllKiii'illiiM

double lonanl core potltlon conllguratlon ni

Central Plaza


< iroulallon /l)M •«ivH» /oii« <>i««n Camnunil /wi« i iinmlii Buffer Jrtii»

(»p.rlm.nUl Mnpplng ol V.HIcíI U.baii Ootlg» LanduM MippInR «>' C 1 K Hamiah <1 Vean« •»'» Blld (2001)

central toro >(illl core mid coro atrlum core lonllKiii'illiiM

double lonanl core potltlon conllguratlon ni

Central Plaza centi .ll

Centre of it all

Centre of it all

Attention to detail

Detailing is often overlooked in high-rise building throughout the ma/or cities of South-East Asia Yeang's attention to quality materials and construction is therefore what distinguishes most of his buildings from their neighbours The naturally ventilated lobby immediately gives visitors the impression of a -quality" building A structural glazed wall on the north side reveals the security room, traditionally hidden from view A bank of television screens and flashing lights contribute to the hi-tech image Opposite the security room, sand-blasted glass "fish-scales", secured by steel bolts, "float" above the elevator doors Looking out of the lobby the glass theme is continued with a transparent glass entrance canopy, through which natural lights is filtered, and reflected on the granite-clad floor and walls

Inside the elevators, more frosted glass -illuminated from the floor up - and curved perforated metal screens lighten an otherwise oppressive space On the ceilings of the corridors running the length of the fifteen office floors, elliptical recesses house light fittings with suspended frosted glass discs Each major office door is fitted with a sophisticated Phillippe Stark-designed door handle ^ -

... the glass-dominated lobby, with structural glass wall screening the security room, and glass "fish scales" floating above the elevator doors ...

, thick »•*"

hull ony

Cantro ol it nil

AHcmtcnm (imut er novi m.u h iimm)

Nicola Tut tur i f so how lai lus Oils d«»l«n progiessed »Inte Wang's Ii ist rumination on blocllmatlclsm In lus 1972 PhD thesis 'Design with Natur«- the EcoloRlcal Basis for Design'? H« explain* that Iiis Iniilt work, more or loss, divides Into four Miles the Hist (up to 198H) was lately txperlmental and dealt with one hi« idea In a single building, »itch as exterior planting or natural ventilation the second (from 1'W> 1992) Is the aggregate of these Ideas, including Menai a Meslnlaga, the Aga Khan Award winning tropical "venus flytrap" skyscraper 011 the outskirts ni Kuala I uniput I he third series (1992 1995) focuses more on the architectural arsthotlcs, for example Hi«' Shanghai Towei and UMNO Tower and the fourth and current seilrs locusts on the mapping of the skysctaper; the creation of the "illy in the sky".

Pur to the time it takes to construe I a towei from planning stage to completion, ( entrai Piara, perhaps suiprlsingly, falls within the second selles, although Ye»ng describes it as "transitional", along with Menara lAl II Incorpoiates ,i "green" element In tin- vertical planting steps climbing diagonally up the north facade to the pool side Natuial ventilation is tacllltated In the lotiby and washiooms, and Hie esc,i|)e staircase on the south slilo is left "opon to the sky" The west facade is shaded with system of louveis and balconies, and tin- gla.-ltig on both the west And east laces are levesseil fioin the structure for sun shading Tincóle ol the building, Incorporating the litt lobby, stans and washroom is locAted to tin- south The curved tully glaied curtain wall on the north lacAde k'ves ,im uninterrupted view ol the distant lulls, its sunshade free elevation forming a geographical Indication of the northerly direction

II the dient lud ag.eed Willi Yeang. and decided on a development with two thuds offices and one thud hotel, tlie design would liave been quite different The two iones would have been split liy ■i swimming pool cut out two thuds of the way up the tower I Ins would have reflec ted Yeang's <>'"""< Investigative research into the "mapping" ol these vertical cities Cential PlaíA as it is 's haidly .evolutionary in this «sped ,M.tly

Mos. Asian buildings these days are «tented

™»> floor space Out despite these

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