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Menara Boustead is -4VU essentially a transitional work within Yeang's early series of bioclimatic skyscrapers, standing OUL between the initial white-cubic towers such as Plaza Atrium (1981) and the definitive silver-cylindrical Menara Mesiniaga (1989).

Although the tower, as a basic commission, is a corporate headquarters building incorporating just office space and car-parking, the intention of the design was to go beyond the conventions of stacked office-floor types. The project therefore includes several important innovations that reoccur in Yeang's future works - principally these are the introduction of skycourts, solar shielding with service cores, and rain and heat-check aluminium skin.

The plan-form is based on a square, with protrusions, and encircled in part by an outer layer. This formation allows the introduction of both skycourts and terraces in the outer corners of the plan, and characteristically marks the overall form of the tower throughout its height. These external transitional spaces perform severa! environmental functions: the balconies incorporate irrigated planting and landscaping and the sun-shading they provide allows full-height openable glazing, which contributes both natural-light and ventilation to the Inner office spaces, enhancing user quality and comfort conditions. The skycourt terraces also provide a flexible zone for additional services, such as supplementary air-conditioning units.

The dominant effect of the planted terraces, which incise the partial-cylind"" form, is to striate the whole precise mass and festoon its surface with rich, colour u planting layers. Given its height and the ^ intensified urban location, this comeS( ^ relief. The skycourt, as a device, is an el em that is developed significantly in Yean* > future designs, but the basic combi''^ ^ principles of deep facade recesses. terraces, planters and heat-sink dad^'* and overall solar configuration, are grounded In the Boustead design

, N ,v thr cvetall plan orientation of Boustead in v,h«nrJ V ie»p»wl to the tropical him path, this has several vUfvJ>,r,,„.s that .it significantly expressed In the overall form . ,M Nu i the massive lift cores, toilet lestroom dusters and . ,v , r on the hot v\ ,-vt and rast faces providing solar Ik .uU-tK>n as the lift lobby cotes are located at the iS.vv v" ¡V facilitates natural light and ventilation to v, This shift m contrast to the normal in board core.

v.x v.isi-» rsiiiatio'i more pleasant to use but also safer in >y rveotof powef-failure

>»i- is the application of sun-shading to all west and east *r 'cv! i! on and the cooling ettect of the planting, the iSjvWios system ot thi- fast-tracked structure is noteworth\ ••- v -x vs ,«' a si ^ »ended double outer-laver, faced in a rain-h u ""'mm skm that both checks and dissipates v i! b\ M-;\t .ition before it . r be transmitted to the mm »witt structure TV tower itseW is tlVWNl »'ttl t IWl

I*"«* - * feature ^t <s *ho p^atty «ysrvoed in >eaii(C» 'fefctxjuent pn»test\

TV Boustead »^wct is b^ttv

^«Wcs both "^^wind it owner Boustead Holdings Berhad location Jalan Raia Chulan. Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia latitude 3.2'N

no* of *torey* 31 storeys date »tart Phase I (first 16 floors of office butJrig and first 8 floors of GMparfc buMing) 1906 (May)

Phase II (17th to roof of office building, basement levels 9th to roof of carparit annexe) 1986 (October)

completion date 1986

area* Total built-up area 29.840 sq m

Carpark area 15.630 sq m no* of carpark bay* 400 bays site area 1 920 sq m plot ratio 1 6 97

design feature* • The obtrcbsc- was to tV o" vr bu4dmg to be mote than ie»>es of multiple enclosed concrete tras« stacked m the a» Henr m this buMinf are coiw terraces' on each fVoor These terraces arr located at ai comers all the way up the buJdinc These terraces or skycDurts permit

• the introduction of planting and kandKapNig 10 upper floors

• a Me» Ne rotie tor potent j ot tutu«* ad.- txv. o' esecubve »ashrooms

• .idesjuatr sty- shading to i '.'>» to "•- {h! i to enhance the quality 0« light m the o**e «re»* space

• the potential tor ttw tosatvn ot supplementary air* condttxm ng units Ttws is cummtN not posst* « most evsbng btA;- **»

• The oir 11 concert ,v> .*• tN* N .* -..w* v the !aY».> sun C-aA* -g the bu**-* ve< * ated - tn »s n enables the heat to be trapped and drsv^uted Vtore t can be transmuted to the ir\un structure

• TV \S1 ,*.a- .lest -w-Wr* :-< .ri* V* a mvj twgh-ro* tspe TV VatLrr* are

• Wt cores and to*m air located -Jn of the bu*dmg * on the Wirst a>J on tV

• Mt totibws Nave isatura' tun*ght and ie*NJtwn

<*• ' son^'N h»v - ' " -v> - V* N -wcat CSMMiennri annt o» s,j*a lump»* ca*»d the Cdan --a >« f*« vsaw N a .-.W Vr v t c"XT a-v

TV adlo-w* ise»; vx«e or tv s>te s a ««can« lot tor »s-tV p»sxv«ed s-e tvM»e- CV the east l-oe > i • vtsvrs <-»*>r .••*vr v- bef.- -<• V v .<«.«>

S. AS V c N • -o .• • c- . - v .- - S • A*- .jv prvgi a mm* • 'A--n- >. o • ^ ..-.-s- — N-x a Jner puMt^ttM cw-wa »th -t»-e>tv r ,w!iM' Vts*ter jrc est»«. >s enp-iee,^

»• IV i»svtf«i A.* VCAxM» *» aV* a VvtMl r- a ..-•-Air» «.e Tar-eitate -»s«< ; m> v

"W *sf'»>s\ie«> sMMtn (ess- » .4 AITS »tntstwil i>itw • "V . " »-v .«td^MtmdoyoHc

K> a W» .V * - ^ VT« S« ^tAAWs; »\SA-Tt» IT . X« |

080 oSt

vegetation riitprrtrd planting


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