owner Hitechniaga Sendirian Berhad location Sri Hartamas. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia latitude 3"N no* of storeys 19 storeys date start pending areas Nett area 6,374 sq m Cross area 8,623 sq m site area 1.308 sq m plot ratio 166

detign features • The site is located 20 minutes from the aty centre of Kuala Lumpur The client wanted a distinctive corporate HQ budding in fine with his company's product! (computers and innovative software)

The site is at a prominent comer lot adjoining a senes of dusters of four-storey shop-offices (to be built) The proposed tower on this site is 19 storeys and will contain spaces for reception and computer data centre at the ground floor at Level t At Levels 2 to 6 are meeting rooms and an auditonum These are also accessible by a separate stair (away from the main tower lifts). Above this are 14 floors of olfice space The features of the building are

• 8ioclimjtic low energy (eatures such as all the lift lobbies, staircases and toilets have natural sunlight and ventilation making the building low-energy and safe to use (ie naturally ht stairs and lobbies in the event of power failure or other emergencies) and also to operate

• Skycourts and ventilating tones' are located throughout the upper floors of the building These are linked by additional staircases and ramps to increase accessibility

• Perforated-metal shields' are used to sun-shade the building to shape and add form to the building o51

further shielding devices, developed from the earlier principles k,i Menara Mesiniaga

Although Httechniaga. as yet. .e-,a ns as a protect it decisively . • s two central purposes. First, ••v v" itse t provides exactly the wwanf-'ooktng imagery demanded tv citi-nt. tot a distinctive corporate HQ reflecting the "jr. f of af innovative computer jrc software company, based - v.a a Lumpur, within an emergent nation. Next and --a \ t remains as a signal pc*nt of development in >emg s pursuit of the cea combination of elements within the composition of the bioclimatic skyscraper.

In this latter respect Hitechniaga stands on the entry threshold to a whole ^ge of further

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