owner Mesiniaga Sdn 8hd (IBM Sole Agent in Malaysia)

»'Mesiniaga' = business machine location Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia latitude 3 7"N

nos of storeyi 15 storeys

(including one basement)

date start 1989 (June)

completion date 1992 (August)


Total nett (office) area 6.741 sq m

Total net non-office(ie gym, cafe, etc) 476 sq m

Balconies, skycourts & pool-deck 981 sq m

Circulation & toilets 2,318 sq m

Mechanical rooms 1,424 sq m

Carpark (basement) (145 bays) 404 sq m site area 6.503 sq m plot ratio 116

d«tign features • The building briry, together thr-principles of the bioclimatic approach to the design of tail buildings developed over the previous decade by Yeang In particular, the building has the following features

• Vertical landscaping' (planting) introduced into the building facade and at the 'skycourts' The planting starts by mounding up from ground level to as far up as possible at one side of the building The planting then spirals' upwards across the face of the building with the use of recessed terraces (as skycourts)

• A number of passive low-energy features are also incorporated All the window areas facing the hot sides of the building fie east and west sides) have external louvres as solar-shading to reduce solar heat gain into the internal spaces Those sides without direct solar insolation (le the north and south sides) have unshielded curtain-walled glaring for good views and to maxim« natural lighting

• Lift lobbies are naturally ventilated and are sun-lit with views to the outside These lobbies do not require fire-protection pressunsation (le low-energy lobby) All stairways and toilet areas are also naturally ventilated and have natural lighting

• The sunroof is the .keletal provr.ion for panel space for the possible future placing of solar-cells to provide backup energy source BAS (Building Automation System) is an active Intelligent Building feature used in the building for energy saving

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