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y^^yy o^.ce tower //a linear ^^ central atrium and an associated _^ parking structure for cars

The owe- evefs to-de a major banking haJI for r* Horg Bank, assooated wrtfi main entrance and alnum -©ace A«.ve re bankj'g ha levers, nse a se-es of °<oors a dedkated to tor* z business actr/ibes. distributed on the east and //est ~arrs of the atrium space Be rJ* the r-a ~ p<aza !eve entrance at eve 2. a o»er recessed floor at eve* 1 corta-»s axrmunai "xs ndbd cere gyr^nas jm and canteen //-th a sur/er ga'de- :e"ace : b*e* aiso provdes for genera de /e-es. a separate ca<- de very ba) and the entrance to the car-par«- -g structure

Aside from the majc double-~e-ght /c jme of the sa-/ -g -a: »--¡ch don- nates the ' entrance area the central at'-- - -se'es of r Ptccor-ec.-g dgec giazec elevator cars arc esca ator systems. rs the pnnc pa spat a focus of re c^cwect major ground e/e /-sta through the atr s;ace s cor-_a.ner ; . i stepped range o* garden terraces ra: -ecere zsz./yz a--: se<-- t v. /isuaHy srtetd car-parv ng structure.

Yeang's site araysfs and de-s g- -esoonses eac -jd a /ery : "rC rc ".eg'ated sc jbon. "^nis process of assess—nc^des a geaaancf ara)ys»s. /<- dh positions the j^'erres entry po-: ¿re ts arge a'C resuts >n the ma.n entrance and the at' ur- itser '.en the trarc arc pedestrian routes of Peta -g Jay a are su~ —ansed by a pedestrar zone related to the bu c 'g ts vehicular drop-o* arc re ccrtr-ator of the publ< promenade thrtxigh the ar Hra y re-* are r-e st-ces o* sun-path and *nd-path x" of cr -a/e = -¿or -r.pact on the bt c r.g de> gr In over a I terms. re sir-s.~a: '5 deuces scree'- both east and /.est surfaces of re doui/e-gare-: facades, snec rg both mor- ng a.nd anemoor '-'C i ' ;

sopi-'sbcated stnated forrr. The // rxJ-pafr st^dy 8 ce*j?--«c ""

•ndusion of ma,»or touvre bants, on the verucaJ ends o* re and venti ated atrium, capt^—g and cha"«- -g r-e cross-'-" "orth-//est and south «vinds The ar cc^c *ons pro» Of ~jc~ v and ntema) /iews for the surround ng o^ces. and sXyc&jns it ntroduced on the outer faces of the -oper '<oot eveb

The atrium j announced at th« entrance by a -r^or hcwe'' canopy, and * partnered at high-level by a ptanar rooftop pa* -*' Throughout the project and parocuiarty « the pubfcc pSaza r»2 nvng wek of the pub c space, vegetabon s jsed to cresx a environment and to soften the transition Detwee' the assooated parr ng - the hanging gardens descending from the -parte roof

What >s e^-di-nced -ere ts the elegant simplicity d>rect appticabon of Yeang s design pnndpte - aspects <f green skyscraper agenda and the pursuit of a kwr-energi response in the most commercial of circumstances

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