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Taken together with Plaza Atrium, the IBM Plaza is another version of Yeang's early white-cubic towers and untypical of his later, mature designs. It is however infused with some basic characteristics of the biodimatic series, notably orientation, solar shielding, shading and facade planting. The complex also has an urbanistic interface and incorporates an early glimpse of Yeang's ideas for a vertical urbanism - in this case a fragment - in the form of a mid-level breezeway floor, and the high-level shaded roof terraces.

The design was intended to reflect the progressive nature of the company for whom it was commissioned, and is composed of two forms - the tower itself, which includes both car-parking and office space, and a two storey restaurant/food court, which is linked by a curvilinear bridge. This complex is contained in a ground level plaza, surrounded by paved, pedestrian roads related to the grid of the adjoining shophouses.

The overall plan form of the tower responds to two geometries - that of the skewed sun path and the regular site grid of site context and roads. The tower plan is essentially a nine-bay square, orientated north-south relative to sunpath. with the outboard service cores on the hot east and west sides, providing solar shielding and aligning with the site geometry Two additional features relate to the tropical climate: at ground level the lift lobby is open and naturally ventilated, revealing the pilotis and signalling the external plaza. Equally, the top levels of ¡nf tower are celebrated by a crowning op«n louvred sun-filter, whose pitched section.'1 form is intended to evoke the memory >'r the traditional Malay house

Selangor, Malaysia

two elements ot openness, .it the base and the crown of ^wer, are linked by vertical facade planting:

the local landscaping and planting are introduced jfl an innovative vertical escalating system of planter's and trellises which start from a mound at the ground floor and rise diagonally up the face of the building. At mid-level, these planters traverse horizontally across the breeze-way floor - a Hawkers' Centre-and escalate again diagonally up the other ficeof the building to the roof terraces." '

This extensive geometrical feature of diagonally inflected vertical landscaping, which suggests a spiral of natural envelopment, is further developed in Yeang's more sophisticated projects such as the Nara Tower and others.

In this case, the diagonal vertical landscaping is counterbalanced by the overhung floor spandrels, producing deep recesses and shading At the upper levels the floors and spandrels are skewed and extended outwards in a reversed stepped form, which provides additional wedge-shaped projections and further shading.

As well as having a climatic reference and purpose, these shifts in the overall design are intended announce a move away conventional modernist dab-tower, ancj suggest freer more responsive alternative

While IBM Plaza » not a central P10!«! in Yeang's ^ hioclimatic it is nevertheless ^ the general Solution of the type incorporating the principles ^"UUon. shielding **««nd elements of

^ventilation owner TTDI Development Sdn Bhd location Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia latitude 3 3°N nos of storeys 24 storeys date start 1983 completion date 1985 areas

■Total built-up area (excl. carpark) 26,057 sq m Total built-up area (ind carpark) 41,885 sq m Carpark area 15,828 sq m Hawker's centre 52 sq m site area 8,096 sq m plot ratio 14 1

design feature« • The building consists of a office tower linked by a curvilinear bridge to a two-storey restaurant /food-court lower-block The two forms are |u«taposed in a plaza in which the surrounding roads are pedestrianized and paved to meet the ad|oinlng shophouses

Two geometries are recognised one of the sun (ie the sun's path) and the other of the site in relation to the road (ie contextual geometry). The typical floor is orientated aligning north and south in relation to the sun's path and geometry The services-core (lifts, stairs and toilets) are on the hot sides of the tower (ie the east side and the west side) and follows the geometry of the site By this configuration the layout of the buiit-forms respond to the local hot-humid tropical climate in its planning and disposition The top of the tower is pitched to be reminiscent of the traditional vernacular house form The local landscaping and planting are introduced uniquely into this tall building in an innovative vertical escalating-system of planter boxes These nse diagonally up the face of the building Then at mid-level, the planters traverse across the floor and escalate diagonally again up the other lace of the building to the roof terraces The ground-floor entrance lift lobby that leads to the plaza is opened to the outside and is naturally ventilated The upper floors are extended in an asymmetrical pattern resulting in the wedge-shaped projection in the upper floors This generated an overall form which is non-regular and thereby deviates Irom the purist modernist slab-form (or the tower programme • To provide a landmark and headquarter building for the developers of Taman Tun Or Ismail that reflects the contemporary progressive nature of the development company and at the same time, to retain a regional character in the architecture Maximum plot ratio of t B to be utilised The maior part of the building is to be leased to IBM Corporation structural system • Reinforced concrete frame construction, piled foundations, slip-form concrete elevator shaft construction, basement retaining walls.

external skin • Precast tiled sunshading Tinted glazing with half solid panel Ceramic tile covenng to external wall Precast glass-reinforced concrete louvres roof over last floor interior • Tded surface Rvpsum plaster ceiling suspended acoustical ceiling, concrete floor with carpets and vinyl asbestos tile mechanical system • For basement < irpark forced tempered air-ventilation system For office air-conditioning system detail of planter box with gravity-fed watering and nutrients feed system detail of planter box with gravity-fed watering and nutrients feed system

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