level 27 - penthouse duple* 2- and 3-bedroom units ga vie KL

516 < space 5 floe above 2 floo under.

level 25 - observation platform level 16-19 - 2-bedroom units ® 750 sq ft level 7-26 - special 3-bedroom unit level 2 - sports centre level 1-15 - 1-bedroom units © 550 sq ft level 7-26 - special 2-bedroom corner unit

natuully ventilated sUIrs swimming pool and jacuzzi above car-parking (option based on RM400 per sq ft selling price)

level 1- cafe and sW

level 27 - penthouse duple* 2- and 3-bedroom units level 25 - observation platform level 16-19 - 2-bedroom units ® 750 sq ft level 16-19 - landscaped slcycourt level 1-15 - 1-bedroom units © 550 sq ft level 7-26 - special 2-bedroom corner unit level 3-6 - elevated car-pariring

'ouvres rooli landscape 5 ty-terras, natuully ventilated sUIrs level 7-26 - special 3-bedroom unit swimming pool and jacuzzi above car-parking (option based on RM400 per sq ft selling price)

level 2 - sports centre level 1- cafe and sW

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Two-bedroom apartment - view of master bedroom

Three-bedroom apartment - perspective view duple« - perspective view tower

The Maybank project defines a point in Yeang's work overall, where the vertical scale H of the skyscraper begins to be really significant.

In this case the vertical scale is enhanced by the insertion of tropical terraces, a version of the skycourt principle, which divides the building into four vertical office zones, with banking hall at the base and tropical roof garden at the summit.

Situated within the Singapore downtown of major tower-forms with a riverside plaza that terminates the Boat Quay waterside walk, the Maybank tower rises as a slender 'blade' of articulated floors, sheathed on the hot west face with a massive vertical plane of service cores, elevators and staircases. The east face is sheathed in a sophisticated double skin, which varies its physical condition according to time and user need. This facade is composed of three elements: an outer solar-filter layer, an operable glazed facade, and supporting structure and spaces. This facade assembly allows users to control their internal environment both with regard to air-flow and natural light. The variable nature of the transparent inner skin acts as a glass filter, changing its translucency relative to time of day and the need for solar control and ventilation. Thus the facade engineering takes over a maior expressive role, in the life of the building and its occupancy. During the day the mnf floor plates suggest a series of inner spac^ delicately visible beneath the porous out*' skin, while at night the radiant inner volumes expose the variety of inner sp^' and its levels of occupancy. This court'"' sensation of opacity and porosity transforms the tower into an interact" shaft of light, which stands in sharp contrast to the other surrounding. ^ ^ monolithic tower forms. Set in its co'1'

thi Maybank Tower will be highly visible both from within Singapore city and on the high-rise skyline. As such it is truly a landmark project

Elements of Yeangs vertical urbanism are in evidence these include bistro and caf6 facilities, the extensive tropical terraces with panoramic vistas and the use of ramps within selected vertical zones as additional space integrators The whole assembly has the intensity of movement and occupation that ensures a visibly permeable, living organism In itself, the design is a complete transformation of the skyscraper, and clearly exemplifies Yeang's bioclimatic architecture

owner Maybank Singapore Operation', location 2 Battery Road. ',mgapore latitude 1 2'N

nos of storeys 54 storeys fplu', 4 barmen»-,) site area 1,132',q m areas Total gross area 15,678 vq m Total nett area 12,373 sq m Total construction area 17.507 sq m plot ratio 1 13 8

design features • Tro •• ■ oca!«*) " m..

lartcial district of Singapore To the north is the Singapore River and the Boat Quay pedestrian walkway, to the south is FuHerton Square and Raffles MRT Station The budding is highly vruble from within the city and w* have a major impact on Singapore's skyline

The features of the design are

• The east and west facades are constructed m thr»» elements the outer solar-filter layer, the operable glazed facade; the supporting structure and spaces

This configuration enables the buddings' users to control their internal environment at a personal and local level

• During the day the facade and va/xxrs floor plate enjfnder a seme of spatial texture beneath the porous outer-skin The inner skin is a transparent glass filter changing .rs transtucency according to the time of the day and the indnnduai need for solar control and natural ventilation

• At night the facade appears as a thm»'n ovr a series of colonised spaces The floor plates and their respective volumes radiate from behind the facade exposing the variety of spaces from within the bu/khng The tower is no longer a impermeable vertical stacking of bored concrete trays but allows social interaction, increased user activity and enhanced productivity

• The service core to the west side acts as solar buffer to the hot west sun The curved east facade is fu»y glazed allowing natural daylight onto the off« floor piates and gives unobstructed news across the Singapore Rrver and the Manna Bay

• The building gradually changes its opacity and porovty not only during the day and tbe night but also accord '? tt> c-e*. approach and passage through the biotdmg On Fufterton Square the tower opens on the long axis exposing pbysica! access to the Boat Quay and visual glimpses through the towers voids to the sky beyond

• A small north facing plaza connects the r /»r front " th the building base and the entrance lobby This provides a termination to the Boat Quay waterside walk and is the threshold between the nver and the buildng The Dlaza -s a covered outside area servicing the Maybank's Bantt.r.g Har. and own offices with an upmarket lunch-time bstro

The public plaza opens up and expands the physica. and visual links between Manna Bay and the Boat Quay

• The tower s designed to have seven vertical zones separated into open public and office spaces The raised entrance piaza connects all three open pubfac spaces - the banking zone is reached with a series of ramps: the rr»d-height -nterchange level and cafe is accessible from the express feft winch continues to the Trop«cal Roof Garden In between the Bari ng and Tropical Roof Garden are four zones of office space.

Each zone is connected to the man fcft core With=n each Irft zone are additional space integrators kr.icng the floors with ramps These enable movement within a Tone to be very efficient and conducive to multiple tenarcy situations The various zones are mter-hnked to thetr immediate negtAours ma smaller shuttle lifts Spaces between the rerocal zones are equivalent to tropical terraces Each terrace has a panorarr* view across the water and skyscape of Sogapore maybank hq

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